LOS LATINOS…………………….
Wandering through the streets and cobblestone passages of Mendoza
The cordillera de Los Andes in smiling ice
Prim green strokes of belasco vineyard on painted canvas
Two gauchos moving across las Pampas
With a couple entwined in tangocito
Perfumed pasta with truffle oil at
Maria Antonieta
and the crying wind that yearns for Cerrati- our Gustavo Cerrati
Now gone beyond the waves and ripples of his rocked-out soul
..what more can a Cottonian do
But reminisce about nights in White Satin
….and his brother  who lives in the peaceful sanctuary of Los Andes and Vina del Mar…
Rushing through with yamaha speed
and raising his glass of Casa del Bosque..
Past wildest roses blushing red
.. A pact for life
With Juan-Manuel Fajardo…
An amazing Carvacho..
‘it’s been too long hermano..
Just too too long’
Soon comes the simmering viento
on a journey into the past in el mes de Noviembre 2014

Best Wishes,
Capt Vivek (Bonnie)Bhasin

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