Recent OCA Meet

Dear Gursant :
It was wonderful to be there last Saturday among you all and to savour the flavour of such a fine get together. Apart from the lovely arrangements and the cuisine, what was more to be appreciated was the visible hard work and dedication with which both you and Kuljinder have, socially, welded together such a large number of OCs around here. I’m sure under the care of you both, the family here will grow even more, much to the happiness of us all. Well done. Please convey my congratulations to Kuljinder. Could I have his e-mail iD ?
I regret Mr. Brown’s daughter, Susan, could not make it. She lives at Bexhill, close to Hastings,and was taken up with a medical problem. She is planning a trip back up to Shimla ; both she and her husband hope to be in India about the 10th of October.
It was nice to meet Mr. Bhardwaj from BCS and to hear him. It was very pleasing to see the nostalgia that his presence and Speech stirred up among your generation. He is a fine man, conscientious, dedicated and faithful, and full of humility : all qualities not so easily available nowadays in one piece. As I have been in touch with School in recent years more than most of you over here, all you Guys can feel comfortable and happy in the thought that our School is doing very well under the stewardship of Headmaster Robinson. For the very good work he has done over the last decade he deserves the wholehearted support of all us Old Cottonians.
More again. Carry on with the good work. All the best in your profession.
Gurpratap Singh ( Sahi )