Letter from Indira Joshi, on the recent OCA UK meet

I was invited to a BCS reunion last Saturday. It was a lovely lunch at the Bombay Brasserie in Kensington. There were old students from 1935 onward. The Hindi teacher came with greetings from the headmaster and gave a very moving speech and they sang your school song. It was very nostalgic and moving, brought tears to my eyes. There was no one from my year except Padam Singh who was a year junior I think The oldest was 92 years old. The ones before 1947 were mostly English.


EDITOR: Indira Joshi is the sister of OC’s  J [Joe] L Joshi & Jai Hind Joshi – both of Rivaz 1954-63. This letter was sent by Indira to her brother.
A brief on Indira appears on Wikipedia –

Indira Joshi is a British actress of Indian ethnicity. She has appeared in episodes of many well-known British dramas, including Holby CityDoctorsAll About MeThe Bill and Coronation Street. However, she is probably best known for her role as Madhuri Kumar in the spoof chat show The Kumars at No. 42. Indira is an occasional contributor on BBC Two show Grumpy Old Women. She also appeared as Secretary General of the United Nations in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace and ‘Erin’ in the sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf episode Lemons.

She has two sons, Shiva Dominic, who is a Buddhist monk, and his younger brother Krishna.

CORRECTIONS sent in by Indira:
“Liev Shiva Dominic also known as Thubten his monk name, and Krishna Dylan.”

2 thoughts on “Letter from Indira Joshi, on the recent OCA UK meet

  1. Indira Joshi

    I say thank you for expressing my remembrance for the old school days. I remember trudging across the hills and dales to get to your sports day and the little soirees we had in our senior classes. Happy days. Yours was our brother school and we were fiercely proud of you. Love Indira.

  2. Joe Joshi

    Indira: Glad you could make it to the OC event in Britain. Mom and Dad were proud to send us to good schools overseas… It’s been a half-century since I graduated from BCS… the rest is history.
    Joe Joshi
    Rivaz 1954-63

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