Sad to announce passing away of Mrs Bhumitra

Dear All,
Sad to learn of the demise of Mrs Bhumitra mother of Vijay Khurana and his three OC brothers. Cremation tomorrow at 11am at the Lodhi Crematorium. Our prayers are with the family and would like to convey our heartfelt condolences. Prayer meeting at on 23rd at 120, Jorbagh.
BM Singh

11 thoughts on “Sad to announce passing away of Mrs Bhumitra

  1. Vijay Khurana (Lefroy 1954-63)

    Thank you for posting your messages of condolence on the web site of the OCA. Thank you for your notes of sympathy and we appreciate your warm messages.

    Our mother lived a good fifty years after we lost our father in 1964. As Rishi Rana put it so succinctly, she was both Mom and Dad for these long years. She was a self willed woman who was determined to ensure that her boys got what she thought was the best education. She had seen her nephew, Avinash C Chopra (Lefroy 1946), enter the portals of BCS and instinctively decided that that would be the best place when she had her sons as well. In pursuit of this objective she moved with determination regardless of anything that seemed to stand in her way. We are grateful to her. “What we are or hope to be, we owe to our dear mother” !!

    Our thanks, again, for your kind words. Good friends speak from the heart and we know that your message came with warmth and feeling. Appreciated.

    Our warm wishes


    Arun Bhumitra

    Shelly Bhumitra

    Ajay Bhumitra

    Vijay Khurana

  2. aloke bhattacharjea

    sorry to hear about yr mother’s demise . I hve lost both my parents 15 years back . I know how it feels. my her soul rest in peace. my heat felt sympathies to all family members and well wishers..
    bhatta ( aloke bhattacharjea -1960-68 , L-18 )

  3. N.K.Akers

    Dear Vijay,Arun,Shelly and Maxy

    May God grant peace to your mother and give you and the family strength and courage to bear the loss.

  4. Dr. M K Sabharwal

    Loss of any one close to us is sad, but the loss ones mother is among the greatest of losses if not The greatest loss.
    My heartfelt condolences to you Vijay and your family.
    May her soul rest in peace.
    Dr M K Sabharwal

  5. Partap Grewal (Curzon 1953-63)

    Dear Vijay, please accept my heartfelt condolences on the passing away of your mother. May the Almighty rest her soul in peace.

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