OCA India News / April 2014

It has been decided to issue Identity Cards to OCs through their respective Chapters. They may approach their Chapter Secretary who will send the requisition to the OCA (India) and the said cards will be issued with an identification no for a small fee. This would facilitate their entrance to the school premises.

We have yet to receive applications for the post of Vice President of OCA (India) along with a vision statement as per the amended procedure in the MOA. Those interested are requested to please send their applications through their chapters or directly to the office of OCA (India) by end of May 2014.


B.M. Singh
President / OCA India 

13 thoughts on “OCA India News / April 2014

  1. Kanwar Manjit Singh

    I will visit my School when I feel like it.I feel sorry for anyone trying to stop me.


    B.M. my dear friend, you state, with finality that “It has been decided…” May I ask by whom? You only add to the headmasters insult when you say that OC’s will be issued an identity card “with a number” (!) that would facilitate their entrance to the school premises and most egregiously you say that this can be acquired for a small fee!

    When you ascended to your current position, all your classmates (including me) were not only proud of and for you, but we also felt that finally there was a voice of reason representing the vision of the school we still remember, but the headmaster seems to have forgotten. Then came this unfortunate presidential decree which was unbecoming of you, my friend.

    I hope the B.M who we are still proud of, will once again rise to the occasion.

    Jai Joshi, MD
    Memphis, TN

    Rivaz 1954-1963



  4. Sunil Mehta (Shorty)

    What a sad state of affairs that we OCs, who spent our formative years at BCS, can no longer enter the premises without identification cards. Are we considered non-OCs without these cards? Who has the right to deny that I spent 9 years there unless I produce a flimsy plastic card with a number and my mugshot? And what of my children? Are they no longer allowed to enter the school, long after I’m gone, and perhaps gaze on the boards where my name is printed? What about my aged mother? Can she no longer enter through the school gates? BM Singh, with all due respect, this is a travesty and such rules have no place in our association.

  5. Anil Advani

    I need a OC ID card to visit BCS?
    I will not apply for such an ID card if that is what it is meant for. Nor will I visit BCS if they will not allow entry without such an ID card.

    1. Suresh Sethi

      Dear Sir,

      It seems that now not only will the Govt of India but also the OCA will not leave us alone. They will keep on harassing us to have new and better ID cards for our good! I would like to say that I already have the following ID cards:
      1-6 ICI( India) Ltd with photo & certified by HRD Manager
      7) Ration card with photo
      8) PAN Card
      9) Medi-Claim Card
      10) Passport ( Though I must confess that I’ve still to make it to even the air-port!)
      11)DTC Senior Citizen Pass
      12) USIS Library card
      13`) Max Muller Bhawan Library Card
      14) Voter ID card
      15) Aadhar Crad( the mother of all cards)

      Now Sir please tell me what I am going to do with this new card? If you guarantee that it will bring down the prices of essential commodities I will get one immediately.Besides Sir, you know very well that what `Jugaadus’ all Indian are! Any one ( even a Pakistani) can get any card he wants to. So I suggest a better solution to you which will make sure that only genuine OCS’ get inside the school. Please ask the school guard to give the following questionaire to all those who claim to be OCS:. All questions are compulsory and they all carry equal marks.
      a) Name all the four houses of BCS
      b) What is the motto of all the houses?
      c) Name the founders of the houses
      d) Who was Fredie Brown and what was his House?
      e)Which school master was famous for saying:” O Byes, O Byes listen me please”?
      f) Which school master was lovingly called as “Baku”
      g) Which master use to say:” You Zee, twos plus cotangent zeta is equal to
      h)Who was known as “Shanki”?
      Sir, I can assure you that only a genuine OC will be able to answer these questions. Sir as my old headmaster”Goldie” would say that your idea of having a ID card for OCS’ is” BUNKUM”!


      Suresh Sethi
      I 1961-1966

      1. Jai Joshi MD

        Excellent idea!! Some modifications may be required, however, as noted below:
        1. The names of the four houses and the names of the founders of the houses are the same
        2. Freddie Brown’s house as a student and when he was a teacher are different
        3. I would fail on the following questions
        – Who would say O Byes, O Byes listen me please”?
        – Which school master was lovingly called as “Baku”
        – Which master use to say:” You Zee, twos plus cotangent zeta is equal to
        – Who was known as “Shanki”?
        I would suggest
        4. Who was the longest serving master who was also Curzon House Master and which house did his son belong to
        5. Was the current OCA president part of the group, (none of whom had driving licenses) given permission by Goldie to drive a visitors Jeep parked on the first flat who then overturned the Jeep near chota Simla

  6. Jai Joshi MD

    Has there ever been any one visiting the school pretending to be an OC? If that is why the headmaster made all the fuss, then these ID cards will help, but his fussing had nothing to do with identity. It was because he wanted OC’s to make an appointment to visit. I was willing to send an e-mail prior to my next visit, if ever there would be one

    I have visited our school once since the present headmasters tenure began and now doubt I will again, unless we have a change in the current headmaster’s attitude to old cottonians or we have a new headmaster who welcomes visits by old boys and their family. By issuing these ID cards you are only submitting to this headmaster’s arrogance.

    I will remain content with never again visiting the school, and certainly never with an OC issued ID that is in compliance with the headmaster’s arrogance

    Jai Joshi, MD

  7. Behram irani

    Dear Mr. B.M. Singh,

    this is an OC living abroad, Switzerland.

    How do I get an Identification card as you have suggested ??

    Would love to have one .

    Best regards,

    Behram Irani , Geneva Switzerland,

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