Lance Jones celebrates his 90th birthday

4th January 2014 at the open invitation for all Old Cottonians UK to celebrate the 90th birthday party of Lance Jones (L 35-39), wife of late Bobby Reed (R 41-46) Sheila, Maggie & I attended with a large gathering of his relatives and friends in the local pub at Pirton, HERTS. Daughter Lorna and son Jeff proudly hosted the grand occasion.  On behalf of OCA (UK) I presented Lance with a BCS crest delivered to me years ago by Hashim Khan (I 43-47) from Islamabad, Pakistan.  Our tribute to our oldest UK member and may he enjoy many more happy returns – Bless him!

Peter A Stringer (L 43-47)”

One thought on “Lance Jones celebrates his 90th birthday

  1. Richard D'Abreu

    Congratulations Lance on your 90th birthday. It has been quite a while since we saw you in Perth Western Australia. You look great in the photos. Allthe best from your mates Down Under of the 1940ies. Dick and Joan D’Abreu and Peter and Hanna Maidment.

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