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Gurmukh Singh Gill [C-90] passed away

OC Gurmukh Singh Gill (C-90) aka Boxer Gill , passed away in New Delhi on the 27th Nov 2013. I’ll send more info as it becomes available. 

Simratt Singh Grewal

We picked a photo of Gurmukh Singh with his family from his FB page.
May his family find the strength to bear this loss and to remember him in all the good times they shared together.

Atulya Chhabra said on FB:
RIP bro …..always had these crazy session at the oca lunch …..went for cremation …Infact met his cousin this morning told me he had a brain hemorrhage …..god be with his family …. Very very tragic …

Ravi Charanji / Curzon 1964-1969 / passed-on

Dear OCs

We are saddened to announce that RAVI CHARANJI passed on at New Delhi India this morning after he took ill suddenly and various complications caused multiple organs failure.

He is survived by his wife, Kavita, his son and daughter Rohan [also an OC] and Aditi. Kavita and Aditi are in Delhi while Rohan is in China and will arrive India shortly.

Further details about the funeral and ceremony will be posted here as soon as we have the information.


Cremation at 230PM at Lodhi crematorium on 13th November.

Prayer Meet at Vasant Vihar Gurudwara on 14th November at 4PM.

OCA INDIA AGM, Minutes of Meeting 30/9/2013

Minutes of AGM – 30th September 2013 [34 OCs present at the meeting]:

  1. President’s Address – Mr. B.M. Singh welcomed all the OCs present and spoke about certain aspects of the school’s infrastructure which required attention of the members as the funds of the OCA would be used for its augmentation.
  2. Minutes of the last AGM were duly approved.
  3. The Balance sheet and final accounts of the year 2012-2013 were duly approved and adopted.
  4. All the present members were apprised of the registration of amendments to the MOA, which was ratified unanimously.
  5. Mr. B.M. Singh duly informed the members the changes in the mode of selection of the President. This being the transition year, applications were to be sought for the post of Vice President. Each Chapter also had to get their Committees in line with the amended MOA.
  6. Elections for two members of the Executive committee members were held and below mentioned were duly elected:
    Mr. Akash Vohra (2008) – Member                                            Mob. 99999-92902
    Mr. Kanwaljit Singh Sidhu (C-1979) – Member                        Mob. 099880-90007
    As per the MOA the President nominated two members to the Executive:
    Ashwani Singh Virk (R-1983) – Joint Secretary                       Mob. 98101-94724
    Neel Kamal Mehra (I-1962) – Treasurer                                   Mob. 98107-84441
    List of co-opted members would be circulated later.
  7. The formation of ‘Delhi Chapter (NCR)’ was announced by Mr. Jaspal Sawhney and was warmly welcomed and cheered by all members present.
  8. It was suggested that each Chapter should issue photo ID Cards to its members to felicitate  secure entry into school premises. The chapters may attend to this forthwith.
  9. Further discussions encompassed a range of subjects mainly relating to the school’s infrastructure such as construction of the infirmary (including a theater on top of it), renovation of the war memorial and the urgent repairs required to the Junior school. The members also expressed concern regarding the exodus of students in the higher classes and the infusion of students in these. Mr. Jaspal Sawhney suggested that the number of laptops/computers in the school were few and need to be augmented.
  10. The list of members of the OCA needed to be updated and each chapter should take up this work on top priority. The list would then be consolidated at the head office of the Association.

The President assured the members that their concerns would be brought to the notice of the board of Governors. The meeting was concluded with thanks to the Chair

Ashwani Virk (Joint Secretary)