Sandeep Mansukhani climbs KUN [7077 mtrs]. Congratulations!

Old Cottonian SANDEEP MANSUKHANI scales Mt. KUN [7077 mtrs], the news just came in with a few pictures shown below. Details of the expedition are expected from Sandeep in the next few days. CONGRATULATIONS to Sandeep on yet another great achievement! His last climb was STOK KANGRI at 6153 mtrs on 20th August 2013.

You can read Sandeep’s diary notes from the expedition here.

Those on Facebook can access his page here

3 thoughts on “Sandeep Mansukhani climbs KUN [7077 mtrs]. Congratulations!

  1. Michael pratt

    Brilliant report on your achievements, I couldn’t think that people took such risks to view snow covered rocks. At least when I was at the school in 1945 the only things I managed was the marathon down hill back to the junior school and winning the boxing prize which were both very trivial achievements, your efforts were miraculous by comparison.

  2. Abhai Singh Mankotia (1) curzon

    Congratulations Sandeep Mansukhani .May you take on Mt’ Everest next. My good wishes with you.

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