OCA Canada reunion : Saturday September 28 2013

OCA CANADA reunion  : 6.30pm Saturday September 28 2013 at Tandoori Flame Brampton

You are invited to the above reunion at
Date September 28, 2013
Place Tandoori Flame Brampton
Cost $23 which includes the HST and tip
Dress OC tie and jacket or jacket and tie

I look forward to seeing you all.
The following are coming so far :

  • John Mclaughlin I48 John as usual will be driving about 6 hours from Michigan to have a meal with us
  • Prashant Sehgal/wife/baby
  • Deepinder Bains/wife
  • Gurpreet Singh Bhogal
  • Tanvir Sodhi
  • Sameer Sodhi
  • Jaikanran Ghuman
  • Rajeshwar Mangat
  • Prem Verma
  • Gerald Godinho/spouse/daughter

I look forward to seeing you and Prem and Gurpreet please cfm if your spouses will be attending.

I will call the restaurant on Sept 21st to cfm how many of us will be attending.
Enjoy the remainder of the summer.

Jerry Godinho L 83
PS Yesterday I called Stanley Kumar at YPS Patiala and Mr Jerry Yuhanna at Alexander School in Amritsar. In two minutes they recognized my voice and knew my first and last name. It has been 30 years since I left school. They have seen 30 batches graduate from two different schools, yet the memory of a boarding school teacher amazes me.

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