Capt. Sandeep Mansukhani climbs STOK KANGRI 6153 mtrs peak

Old Cottonian Sandeep Mansukhani of Rivaz; summited Stok Kangri – a 6153 mtrs peak, in the Ladakh region. It was a 5 days expedition, starting from Stok village, they reached base camp in two days. On the day of the ascent [20th August 2013], Sandeep started climbing for the summit attempt at 0030 hrs at night and reached the summit at 0700 hrs. Freezing temperatures and a lot of snow was encountered during the climb. On reaching the summit, Sandeep stayed there for half an hour and then moved down to base camp. He says it was a “Great experience, and challenging due to bad weather conditions.”  Sandeep is planning for his next expedition to climb KUN which is a 7077 mtrs peak in Jammu & Kashmir. He leaves for Srinagar on 5th Sept 2013. Sandeep says “This is a very technical peak with lots of uncertainties. It is a 25 day expedition

Congratulations! And all the best for your next expedition!

5 thoughts on “Capt. Sandeep Mansukhani climbs STOK KANGRI 6153 mtrs peak

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  2. Gurdeep Singh

    Heartiest Sandeep,
    I attempted Stok Kangri in Aug 2012, but had to return from the Base Camp (advance Base Camp was not permitted last year) as I was suffering from Acute Mountain Sickness with a Blood Saturation dropped to 58%.Last year too the weather was very bad but 4 guys from our group summitted, whereas another 4 had to come back from the summit- attempt by early morning.
    So this yar I again tried to cross 6000M, set out with our group from Leh on 30July for Mentok Kangri (6250M) and summited at 1.00pm on 8th August after a tough climb due to no snow but very hard ice which meant we had to jumaar for over 2 Hrs up 300M fixed line.Still it felt GREAT to get to the top, before we started our descent afyter 5min there as the weather was turniung bad- hit a thunderstorm and snoe with a white-out on the way down to our assault camp.
    Gurdeep Singh (Horsey)- Lefroy: 1953- 1960
    This made me try again to cross 6000M so

  3. Anil Advani / Ibbetson 1960-70

    Congratulations on your achievement! All the best for your upcoming expedition to the summit of Kun.

  4. RAdm R Chopra

    This is awesome. Congratulatios.
    Carry the BCS flag to the summit of KUN & plant it.
    RAdm R Chopra

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