Dr. Raj K. Jolly [Lefroy 1959-63] passed-on

Dr. Raj K. Jolly [Jolly-III] passed away in the USA. He joined BCS in 1959 and left in 1963. He could not complete school from BCS as he was asthmatic. He was the 3rd Jolly, after V.K and Arun.

Rest In Peace.


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  1. Arun Jolly

    Dear All,

    This is Arun Jolly, the oldest of the Three Jolly Brothers. Thank you very much for your condolences and kind remembrances.

  2. Suresh Sethi

    I was very shocked to hear the passing away of Jolly 111. He was my classmate when I joined school in 1961. I still remember very vividly the class of upper 2 and VK Jolly use to sit right behind me. I was a young Punjabi lad from Punjab who did not a word of English and I was very awed by this chap Jolly whom the whole class called as the mad scientist. Every time I would dare to look behind me he would quickly shut his desk( you know those old wooden desks with which would shut with a bang. Since I was a very shy boy mainly because I did not know English Jolly would often look at me as a village rustic! Once I did manage to peep inside his desk and it was filled with high brow books and the one book which I still remember was “Our atmosphere”. VK Jolly would sit in the last desk and look at all of us silly boys who did not know anything about anything! He would look very indulgently even at Mr Paul who was a Hitler for us and threw the copy books of every one excepting for the Agha brothers and Katzi who had a beautiful hand writing! And I still remember very vividly how he would nod in agreement with our chemistry teacher Mrs Wylie as if to say:” Yes, Yes, you are right” Incidently I could not understand head or tail of Mrs Wylie,s English and I always use to wonder why this chap Jolly is not a teacher. How come he is in Upper 2! And then one day I suddenly learnt that he has left school.
    But destiny was to bring us together again in 1974 when I was staying in Defence Colony as a bachleor and Kuttu Singh told me that V.K. Jolly lived just around the corner. And then one day I went over to his house and I still remember the sweet ladoos his mother offered me. Then I landed up with flu. So I rang up Kuttu Singh who told me that VK Jolly was in AIIMs and I should see him. So I called him over. And as usual he landed up with his stethoscope, made me stand up and gave me a check up and wrote down the medicines. It was then that he informed me that he was getting married to a gilr from Rajasthan and would be leaving for New York soon. Alas that was the last I saw of him. I will always remember him as a very serious intellectual who should have got the Nobel prize. I think it was in the family genes because Jolly 2 was also a very intellgent chap.
    My dear friend, may your soul rest in peace. I will always remember you with awe and admiration.

    Suresh Sethi
    I 1961-1966

    P.S. Hey, what is happening to OCS’? It was sad to learn the passing away of another class mate of mine–Vikramjit Singh and Goolrie.

  3. Vijay Khurana

    Never met Raj after he left School. Was an endearing guy. Always held his own against his two older brothers and most of the time he got his way !! I can still see his brothers fuming away when he did that with the look of innocence!! Most amusing.

    He was determined to be a doctor from an early age and he did just that. I suspect he was a man who knew his mind and pursued life with a clear objective. His departure has been sudden and unexpected. To his family and his brother, Arun, my class mate, my deepest condolences.

    Vijay Khurana
    Lefroy, 1954-63

  4. Joe Joshi, Rivaz 1954 to 63

    RIP Dr Raj K. Jolly. My condolences to his family and to my good friend and classmate Captain Arun Jolly.

  5. Ravi Inder Singh (I) 56-65

    Very sorry to learn about his passing on. We were good friends. My heartfelt condolences to his family and to Arun Jolly. RIP.

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