OCs Week 2013

As per BCS fixture card, the OC Week begins 29th May and the schedule is:

  • 29/05/13
    Past v Present matches from 10:00 AM onwards
    Basketball and all racquet games followed by
    Annual School fete from 12.30 to 3.30 PM.
    Rock Show by Rodrigues Chandigarh Band at 7:00 P.M
  • 30/05/13
    Past v Present
    Hockey and Football matches from 10 AM.
    Annual Junior School concert at 5 PM.
    Headmaster’s Dinner, after the Junior School concert.
  • 31/05/13
    Annual Cricket match School Team v OCs at 10 AM.
    OC dinner is scheduled for the 31st of May, 8 P.M. at Marina Hotel (old Marina). It is newly renovated and has parking facility. Tentatively Rs. 1200 per OC, Children below 8-10 yrs free, OCs over 70 no charges and spouses/partners/ friends at Rs. 800. (Rates not fixed but will be around this point).
  • 1/06/13
    Annual Speech day at 9 AM


2 thoughts on “OCs Week 2013

  1. Rajneesh Chauhan. (1971-1980)

    You have forgotten to mention two important things firstly the dress code and secondly the dinner charges for student OC’s, ’cause the youngsters are more enthusiastic n eager to come.

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