Get well soon : Deepak Lamba

Deepak Lamba [Lefroy 1957-64] recently underwent a bypass surgery at New Delhi. We wish him a speedy recovery.
June 10th Update from Vijay Khurana:

Deepak Lamba is doing well. The stitches were removed some weeks ago. It has been six weeks since he had his surgery and he will be due for a check up six weeks from now. He has shed 7 kgs and is on a low cal diet. He is now challenging himself to shed more weight, currently at 83 kg, to reach an ideal of 70 kg for a man who is 5’4″, or more precisely, 5’4.5″. Deepak insists that I mention that extra half inch to his otherwise excellent stature!  Most importantly, he is cheerful and back to recounting his stories of events and people. He is a store house if you want to know who did what, to whom and when !! Importantly, he sounds relieved and most relaxed. A good mental temperament goes a long in all such cases!

5 thoughts on “Get well soon : Deepak Lamba

  1. Kanwar Manjit Singh

    Hi Deepak ! This is Bull from Lefroy House. You used to sit near me at the dining table and give me long sermons on eating etiquette and good manners. Mentioning you at K’wals got one an extra fried egg. I miss you, my friend. Get well. I hope you still have rosy cheeks (or was it rouge) ? More when we meet, which I hope will be soon – outside Hospi. I hear you were pining for Sandra while recuperating ? Tell me all – and I do mean ALL. Love.

  2. Milo Dhanoa-LEFROY-1950-59

    Wish you a speedy recovery Deepak. All the best.Sending sunshine & get well wishes..

  3. NK

    Very Dear friend Deepak,

    Wish you a very speedy and complete recovery.

    Though not been in touch since long remember the camaraderie of school days.

    Warm regards

    N.K. Akers

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