13th Maj. R. K. von Goldstein Cricket Tournament

The 13th Maj. R. K. von Goldstein cricket tournament was won by Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. BCS made 163 runs in 20 overs. Lawrence School Sanawar made 149 runs in 20 overs and lost the match.

11 thoughts on “13th Maj. R. K. von Goldstein Cricket Tournament

  1. Vijay Khurana

    Yes, Jai is right. It should be without the “major” and “von” should all be in lower case!! Goldy should have had a debating society named after him and not a sporting event. He was a charming talker alright but his tenure ended in a steep decline in standards !!

    If truth be told, Fred Brown did much more than any Headmaster or teacher in the last 50 years to build the image and the culture of BCS. He was an iconic figure and loved by both students and staff alike. It is a pity and a shame that qualifications came in the way of his being given the position of Headmaster when experience and commitment should have counted for more. We have nothing in the School named after him. May be the staff common room, now being renovated with funds from the class of 1962, should be named the Fred Brown Staff Common Room !!

  2. G.S.Bhalla

    Well done Cottonians. Play the Game and Win. Gurinder Singh Bhalla (688) Lefroy 1955-1957

  3. Partap Grewal

    Congratulations, BCS! That is the way to go. Keep it up. Partap Grewal, Curzon 1953-63

  4. Milo Dhanoa-LEFROY-1950-59

    In 1959 clash with Sanawar,we beat them very handsomely.Rev.Dustan the headmaster gave us extra holiday.Wonderfully done BOYS.Continued success.

  5. Jai Joshi, MD

    Wonder why its the R. K. von Goldstein Cricket Tournament. He never went or liked the prefix ‘major’ and the von is not with a capital, by the way. Goldie was a great headmaster but knew almost nothing about cricket. Should have been named after Freddie Brown.

      1. Editor Post author

        We rechecked the name of this tournament with BCS, and we are informed that it is correctly called the “Maj. R. K. von Goldstein Cricket Tournament“. The re-correction has been made above to the title of this article accordingly as well.

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