Demise of Mrs. Coralie Emma deMellow – March 31, 2013

Dear All,
Mrs Coralie deMellow passed away at 8:30 am this Easter Sunday morning.

I append an account sent by Mr I L Bhatia, (see picture attached) who was for years the late Melville deMellow’s assistant and trusted aide. He, after Melville deMellow passed away, looked after Mrs deMellow in a manner that was unique as it was remarkable for the qualities of trust worthiness, loyalty and selfless devotion. Without his assistance and that of Mrs Breda Dayal, wife of OC Manjit Dayal (his pictures is also sent as an attachment to this mail. Breda is currently in Ireland), Mrs deMellow would have otherwise been an abandoned lonely soul. They battled for her and sometimes even fought with her for what they knew was for her good. Mrs deMellow, with increasing age, was stubbornly difficult and it required considerable patience and tact to handle her !! Not always easy and those with aging parents will know what a formidable task that can be.!! However, these two persisted and as care givers they were superb – and wonderful. God does not make people like these very often and Mrs deMellow benefited immensely from their kindness and commitment to her. She was lucky and she lived her 95 years with dignity and in relative comfort .

The OCA have offered to pay for the hospitalisation and cremation expenses. Even after reimbursing these costs, the fund will still be left with a tidy balance. While I will endeavour to write to all the donors individually, those who contributed may please send in their comments to indicate the manner in which the balance amount should be employed. This is important since their wishes must be respected before we decide what to do with this amount. Please send in your suggestions. My thanks.

In view of the above, no further donations need be sent for this benefit fund.

My thanks, again, to all who gave their money so willingly and so generously. Your contributions went a long way in making a life more peaceful. She may not have known you individually but she knew that the funds came from those who wished her well. She was grateful. She accepted it only because it came from an alma mater associated with her late husband. It came from people with a strong fellow feeling, people with huge warmth whose only desire was to ensure that every life, and this life in particular, was lived with dignity. Consequently, for her everything in her life was a miracle. You guys made it happen. Thank you, again. “Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting” !!

My best wishes

Vijay Khurana
For and on behalf of :
Mr B M Singh,
President, OCA 

[Photos of Mr. I.L. Bhatia and Mr. Manjit Dayal. Click the picture for a larger view]

Dear All,

With a heavy heart, I would like to inform you about the sad demise of Mrs. Coralie Emma deMellow (also known as Jane deMellow) this morning in the Apex Multispeciality & Laparoscopy Hospital in Faridabad where she was admitted on 29th March, in a serious condition. She was fine till Thursday and had also enjoyed fun-filling Holi on Wednesday – 27th March with the inmates. However, since she was not eating anything since Friday morning on account of varying temperature in both the hands and on account of swelling, she was admitted in the ICU of the above hospital. According to the interim Death Certificate given by the Hospital, she died of a brain stroke. According to her maid – Krishna who was with her in the hospital, she had briefly opened her eyes around 8.30 am and looked around without uttering a word.  When we (Mr. Manjit Dayal and myself) reached the hospital and were joined by Mrs. and Mr. Shukla to decide on the further course of action, she had already breathed her last a little before our arrival as the oxygen mask was still on!

She was taken in the Ambulance back to Anadi Seva Prakalp, where the inmates gave her a bath with warm water and thereafter she was draped in a colourful new green saree given by her room mate – Dr. Savitri Khanduri who was inconsolable as she had lost one of the best companions.  According to Dr. Khanduri, she apparently had premonition of her death as before going to the hospital, Mrs. DeMellow had told her that ” her time has come as Melville is calling me”. She also said to “thank Mr. BHATIA for what he did for her and to remain happy and cheerful and that God will bless him”. She also told her that she should be cremated like Melville and should be given a name by the inmates before her cremation. Thus, after offering prayers, Dr. Khanduri and other inmates nick-named her as Champa and thereafter, she was taken in the Ambulance to the Lodi Electric Crematorium where Mrs. Preminda Sen had booked the time for cremation at 3 pm. After performing all the rituals as per the advice of the priest and after floral tributes being paid by all present and wreaths being placed by Mrs. Sen, her brother, Dy. DG-AIR and others, she was cremated with full honours. Eight inmates from the Anadi Seva Prakalp including Mrs. and Mr. Pranav Shukla were also present.

BCS was represented by Mr. Vijay Khurana. Mr. Manjit Dayal was all along there with me like a solid rock since morning and all other formalities were completed in consultation and with the advice of Mr. Dayal, Mrs. Sen, Shuklas and others  who were all of immense help. While I cannot obviously write many other details, I would only like to highlight that she left for her heavenly abode in peace on a very pious day – Easter Sunday and was bid final farewell by around 25 persons. Thus now she is in the care of God. In addition to giving you this unfortunate information, I would also request you all to pray God for keeping her soul in peace. I also request you to inform all others known or related to her.

Yours sincerely,
IL Bhatia

13 thoughts on “Demise of Mrs. Coralie Emma deMellow – March 31, 2013

  1. NK

    We salute Mr.I.L.Bhatia Mr.and Mrs Manjit and Breda Dayal for their exemplary humaneness and selfless devotion alongwith all the others who came forth to help without even knowing Mrs.deMellow
    What you did is truly extraordinary especially in these present times.To be committed with time and also monetarily is very very inspirational.

    Vijay for your genuine helpfulness and always being the first to come forward with help is indeed rare.
    May God give Mrs.Coralie DeMellow”s soul peace.

    N.K. Akers
    L 62-65

  2. Richard D'Abreu

    My thanks to all the OC’s that contributed and helped in the caring for Mrs De Mellow. The two kind gentlemen, Mr Bhatia and Mr Dayal who took so much care of her when it was most needed was truly remarkable. I knew Melville was an Old Cottonian before my time at BCS. I met up with him when he worked with All India Radio and he came over to the school in 1943 to record us singing the Handles Messiah. He often used to broadcast request songs over the radio for young Cottonans that wrote to him. I am pleased to know that his wife lived to a ripe old age and was well cared for. My sincere condolences to her family….Dick D’Abreu. Curzon 1936 – 1946.

  3. Harmala Gupta

    Dear Vijay,

    Thank you for informing me of Mrs. deMellow’s death. I am sure that the fact that she died on Easter Sunday must count for something. Hopefully, she is in heaven cavorting with angels. Her blessings from there will undoubtedly rain on you and those members of the Bishop Cotton School fraternity who donated so generously to her upkeep in the final weeks and months. You are an example of selfless giving to all of us.

    With warm wishes,


    1. Editor Post author

      On behalf of Vijay Khurana:
      Ms. Harmala Gupta is the founder of CanSupport, a not for profit organisation which pioneered palliative care at home for people with advanced and terminal care in North India.

      Her assistance was sought when there was a need to move Mrs deMellow into a home for the elderly.

      Our thanks


  4. Gurcharan Singh Anand & Staff of Hamburg Trading Co. LLC

    We regret her demise. We know that she was a pure hearted soul and we hope she gets her rightful place in Heaven. Such souls are very seldom found in life.

    We are thankful to God for giving us an opportunity to be of some use for such pure soul.

    Best regards,

    Gurcharan Singh Anand
    & Staff of Hamburg Trading Co.LLC

  5. Anna

    Jane De Mellow.
    Time may hide the sadness like the smiles that hide the tears. Memories will keep you close despite the passing years. Why cry for a soul set Free.For this is a journey that we all must take.
    Always be remembered.
    My Dad was a Cottonian. With grateful Thanks.

    Anna Pearson

    1. Editor Post author

      We’ve had an exchange of emails with Anna and she tells us that her father was Harry Noel Hubert De Mellow [he was Chief Mechanical Engineer-Northern Railway], Melville’s older brother who was at BCS just before Melville.

  6. Sukanya Nimmanheminda

    Bless you and your friends for taking care of an old lady to the end. I was touched reading all the accounts. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Dr Ian De Mellow

    Dear Mr Khurana

    Thank you for your email on the abovenamed.
    I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and admiration for your magnanimous tribute to I L Bhatia, Breda Dayal and Manjit Dayal. Their financial and moral support for Mrs de Mellow for the long years leading to her welcome into the loving care of Anadi Seva Prakalp, in her final time, is a tribute to the generosity of the Indian spirit. I have known ILBhatia for a long time mostly by email and telephone, and I know the constant anguish he felt for Mrs de Mellow’s wellbeing, despite problems with his own health.
    As an Old Cottonian (1946/47) I am also proud of the way the Association handled the whole issue.

    God’s blessings
    Dr Ian De Mellow OAM

  8. Arun Kochhar

    The bell has tolled and we must accept the inevitable with a prayer for her acceptance in to God’s care. Please add the remaining fund towards building a corpus to help the next who needs it.
    Arun Kochhar
    C 1958-63

  9. Partap Grewal

    The passing away of Mrs. Coralie deMellow is very sad news. Please, share my deep grief and sincere condolences to her family members and other loved ones. I am proud the we Cottonians were able to come to her assistance in time of need.

    As for any remaining funds, in my personal opinion, they should be used to help any other person in need at the present or in the future.

    Partap Grewal

  10. Ravi Inder Singh (I) 56-65

    We could use this fund for some other needy person with a Cottonian connection.

  11. G.S.Bhalla

    Very sad to read this news.May God give peace and rest to her soul.
    G.S.Bhalla (Old Cottoian0

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