Identify / Occasion – anyone?

We received this email and accompanying photo from Paul Grove. If anyone can help identify the people in this photo and when/what – that would be greatly appreciated!

Hello there – sending you a photo from my family archive! My great uncle Geoffrey Anthony and Grandfather Edward Anthony attended Bishop Cotton in the 1930’s. We found this photo with the word ‘Simla’ on the back but that’s all we know. If anyone can shed any light on the identities / occasion, it would be very helpful!

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  1. Paul Grove

    Thank you for the wonderful updates so far!

    The third pupil from the left is possibly my late Grandfather Edward Anthony. We think this photo was taken in about 1927-30, which would make the Headmaster The Rev. J.R. Peacy MA, MC, if that is indeed him pictured.

    My Great-Grandfather was an engineer on railway carriages and moved from England to India to possibly work on the development of the railway to Shimla. He returned with his family to England in the mid to late 1930’s

    Best wishes to all!


  2. Pradeep Rana

    We used to lean on the fence and watch the interhouse basketball matches even in the 70’s what a treasure of a photo. thank you for posting it. The road is paved and wider and it is definitely coming from the main enterance to the school.

  3. Vijay Khurana

    Not many people around from that time, I fear, who would be able to identify any of the persons in this picture. One thing I do know that this is the passage from the main school gate, past the Linlithgow dormitories, the Lawrence gate and right near the tennis court which would be on the right of the picture. Obviously a lot of development occurred since this picture was taken. Nevertheless, a lovely impression of the times. The gentleman impressively turned out and a tidy set of boys, very much the kind of uniform that we wore during the cold season, the winter kit !!

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