OCA UK Winter 2012 get-together

The OCA UK Winter 2012 get-together is on December 1st 2012.
UK Winter 2012 Newsletter and details of the get-together :

As we draw nearer to the closing down of this very Special Year let us not overlook ties with our very Special Association” Cottonia”.  Just as the Jubilee splendid celebrations raised the nation’s loving support and Teams GB brilliance lifted the Spirit, with thanks let us acknowledge too the SPIRIT of PATINA.

The annual June OCA(UK) Reunion at the Bombay Brasserie was another high spirited success.  For many  of us it prolonged the Jubilee celebrations and above all we were delighted to share the afternoon with many younger OCs who outnumbered older regulars – Shabash!

We feel relieved with joy to know we have in place our new-dedicated Committee-Chairman Kuljinder Singh Bahia, Senior Com: Members Raj Lamba and Vinod Nanda and Secretary Gursant Sandhu.  This is all good news as I feel they will herald in younger members and establish this OCA Chapter as we move onto a stronger fraterniity.  To reinforce the movement Kuljinder and Gursant have suggested that OCA(UK) should meet for a supper/dinner inside of the first week of December at a new chosen venue for a change.  Hey Guys – What do you think?

As many of the older OCs including myself are not connected with the INTERNET we would like to know about you through these Newsletters.  So please send into Gursant your khubarrr!  I do keep in touch with many of you and some from India, Pakistan, and the USA and Canada and on the Continent.  For me it has forever been an abiding pleasure to receive a letter or meet an OC.

So many have crossed my threshold in the past at Thornton Heath (South London) and these last sixteen years here down in Surrey.  Our school heritage simple connection I am sure protect us – “From the slings and arrows of outrage” and the giddy changing world around us.  Believe me, as a fast approaching octogenarian, you will  find apart from one’s family and close friends keeping in touch with OCA is a therapeutic innocent relief.  Lifelong friendships begin to expire with age.  Just a brief reminder – I recall at BCS perusing through a book that was doing the rounds “How to Win Friends and Influence people” – all I can add … Say you are a BCS boy and you are in!

Ex-Chairman Gay Niblett to celebrate his 80th birthday invited friends and family including five Old Cottonians for a barra khana at the Bombay Brasserie.  DC Anand and his charming wife Kiran, John and Caterine Phillips, Kuljinder and Donna, Gursant, Maggie and I.  Truly another super memorable afternoon adds to my social calendar.  Thanks Gay and Christine for looking after him to see many more.  OCA Ex Treasurer Arthur Jones (L42-44/48-49) was driven down to Whyteleafe by his daughter.  He stayed over as he wanted to attend his Lawrence College Ghora Galli Reunion at Osterley, on Saturday 22 September.  His missing years from BCS (45-47) before the partition and formation of Pakistan.  I accompanied him with another friend and ex-student from La Martinique, Lucknow.  A very enjoyable afternoon, as I have attended often over the years.  The Indian cuisine we rate quite high and the service at the Indian Gymkhana Club.  Sunday I drove Arthur back to his home in Fulborn, Cambridge.  Spending a few day with him and visited the premises of the bungalow he is hoping to move into DV, closer to his daughter.

Before closing, our son Peter is taking Maggie and I to his holiday villa in the Algarve, Portugal – 24th October – 14th November.  It will be a weather treat just to top up my Schoolboy complexion and return to face the winter blues.  Well, early as it may be and whenever this may be posted out, and reaches you, I shall avail this opportunity to send each one cordial Yuletide greetings good wishes and good Health – A Happy New Year and pray we shall meet again next year.  Adding whatever is good for you gets better.

CHEERS from an older growing COTTONIAN –
Peter Stringer (Lefroy 43-47) 

Dear Old Cottonians

Our annual reunion in June 2012 was a great success and like previous years the turnout was great.  Chairman of OCA (UK), Mr. Bahia announced at the annual luncheon that a further reunion will be organised in December 2012. It is my pleasure to inform of the details of the winter reunion, which are as follows: –

Date  1 December 2012 (Saturday)
Time  6.00pm
Venue Noura Restaurant [16 Hobart Place, Belgravia, London SW1W 0HH Tel 020 7235 9444]
*The closest station is Victoria – less than five minutes walking time.
Please turn up in numbers and make the winter reunion a success.

Gursant Sandhu


Details of Committee members:

  1.           Chairman: Kuljinder Singh Bahia, Palmoak House, 19 South Road, Southall, Middlesex UB1 1SU  Tel: + 07801181044 e: kuljinder@southalltravel.co.uk
  2.           Senior Committee Member: Raj Lamba 12, Western Court, Huntley Drive, London N3 1NX    Tel:+44 20 8349 1041
  3.           Senior Committee Member: Vinod Nanda, 37 Melbury Avenue, Norwood Green, Southall, Middlesex UB2 4HS     Tel: + 44 20 8843 0027 vinod@tata.co.uk
  4.           Secretary: Gursant Sandhu  86 Cranbrook Rise, Illford Essex IG1 4PD Tel: + 44 7788 716525  gursant@yahoo.com gs@lloydsolicitors.co.uk
  5.           Treasurer: TBA