Mufti Abbas [Lefroy 1936] – passed on

We received the following from Iftikhar Malik, and are sad to announce the departure of a  Cottonian brother:

Mufti Muhammad Abbas Khan, passed away on 3rd August 2012 in Islamabad Pakistan.

He was a distinguished student completing his schooling in 1936 with a Senior Cambridge certificate. He then attended Aligarh University and Government College Lahore and graduated from the latter in 1941.

He joined the Civil Service of the Frontier Government and was transferred to the Foreign Service. His last posting was as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Turkey.

Mufti Abbas retired to Islamabad. His wife passed away about a decade ago and his children live in Islamabad.

He was elder to Mufti Hashim an Old Boy. One time Captain of Pakistan’s Golf team

3 thoughts on “Mufti Abbas [Lefroy 1936] – passed on

  1. RAdm Rakesh Chopra

    An excellent idea. I couldn’t agree more. However, time is running out and therefore we need to act fast.

  2. Vijay Khurana

    Our condolences on the passing away of Mufti Sahib. May his soul rest in peace.

    It would be nice to know the names of all the boys who left BCS in 1947 and what became of them. They represent an important part of our history. It appears that most of them went on to distinguish themselves and it would be useful to profile the lives of these outstanding OCs. Mufti Saheb’s is an example that has come to our notice after he passed away. It would have been nicer to have celebrated his success while he was still alive !! He would have love it, too !!

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