OCA US East-coast get-together

Hi all OC’s.

Attached are some photos of the gathering in New York city on Saturday 25th August past.
A Grand time was had by all and a commitment to meet again.
A thanks goes to Kunal and Karma for organizing the arrangements.

All the best from yours truly
John McLaughlin HC- I (41-48)

EDITOR: Sept 19th 2012
2 new images added, correcting now the disproportion!

7 thoughts on “OCA US East-coast get-together

  1. Gurdip S. Sidhu, MD

    I can see from the photographs that the get-together was great fun. However, I have Parkinson’s disease. Because of that, I can barely communicate orally – my voice is too soft. I had written a novel “They don’t kiss in the movies” and chapter 1 used to be posted on the OCA web-site. It talks of my first two weeks at BCS in 1948. If you folks like the idea, I’ll post it on the web again. Cheers! The book is self-published and is available only through me.

    1. Editor Post author

      Dear Gurdip
      Yes the 1st chapter of your book was online at the OCA website but cannot seem to locate the link anymore. Please do send it in again by email so that we can re-post it online. Send the document to editor@oldcottonians.org
      Best wishes

  2. Jai Joshi, MD

    I agree – would have liked captions to ID, and more of the significant others that make you guys shine
    Jai Joshi MD
    R 1954-1963
    Houston, TX

  3. Joe Joshi

    Where are the captions to identify the OCs? The pictures are meaningless as they are posted now! And is this an Indian “thingy” for men to gather by themselves, leaving their wives behind? I see only one female in all the photos posted on this website.,,, tsk…tsk…
    Joe Joshi
    R 1954-63
    Sumter SC USA

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