Mrs Banon [Matron at Remove] passed-on

Dear Cottonians

I regret to inform you that my aunt Mrs. M. Banon, who was matron in Remove in the seventies, passed away in Manali yesterday (21st August 2012). We are having a memorial service for her today at 11 am in the Mission Hospital church here in Manali. May her soul rest in peace! 

Prithvi Raj Prem

6 thoughts on “Mrs Banon [Matron at Remove] passed-on

  1. Robin Nakai

    I just saw the news of the passing of Ma Banon . I am so saddened by the news.I had gone to Manali and had the home made Ice Cream at Henrys shop and Mr.Banon was asleep–and so missed her –wish I could have met her.Rest In Peace were the best Matron we had–you taught us values we still cherish. Condolences to the Family.

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