Fellow Cottonian Krit Tippakorn / Batch 1970

From Rajiv Pandit Sharma and Vivek Bhasin ( Fellow Brothers of the Class of 1970 who have lost a precious brother Krit Tippakorn Rivaz House).

I am so sorry to inform you that we lost our dearest brother, Krit, whom we knew for most of our lives. We are surely poorer today without him
He passed away this morning at 11am California time.
Please inform our friends as you best see fit.
Each one of you becomes more precious with passing time.

I have many many Brothers in my life…. My brother Sharat Bhasin is my closest brother.

My brothers from the Class of 1970 are my other most closest brothers.

Krit Tippakorn was also my closest brother.

They say I can write wonderfully and express my love for all my brothers and my love for Bishop Cotton School. The years we spent there growing up to become men, passionate about our lives and doing the best we can well, honestly and diligently.And with love.

Right now I am unable to do..

Krit was a precious part of my life and we got even more closer as the years since we passed out from school stretched further away.

Krit once told me how he met a Buddhist Monk walking across the border in to the US from Mexico. Krit recognized this traveler as one of his own and spent a few minutes talking to him. This monk as a young boy escaped Tibet with His Holiness The Dalai Lama and arrived at the Refugee Camp in Chota Simla; where we Cottonians used to go and help doing social service on Sundays.

Krit made two important journeys to India after he left School in 1970:

The first one in Year 2000 when he arrived from Los Angeles into Delhi ( and I from London); he stayed with me and we traveled up to Dharamsala to meet Abhai Mankotia our brother School Captain Class of ’70 and spent a few days at Udechee Huts; we went on to BCS and arrived during the OC week.

The second trip was when he arrived with Rajiv Pandit (from Chicago) and his brother Thanasak (from Bangkok) for the Sesquicentennial in 2009!

(The third trip was planned between brothers Rajiv, Krit and me to travel to Brasil in 2013).

My last conversation with Krit took place exactly 48 hours ago. All he did was whisper in such pain… ‘Vivek‘ he said….’All I can remember right now is our days in BCS…and what an idea to give money to School for the Climbing Wall Mi Hermano…..and what a wonderful epitaph alongside it on the 2nd flat….TO SCALE THE HEIGHTS TO GLORY

Good Bye our wonderful and precious brother Krit; the whole school prayed for you in May this year when I attended Chapel Service; again during Speech Day.

(I now realise that Miracles seldom happen)

You are now free to soar to Heights of Glory. 

Vivek Bhasin

EDITORs comments added on 14 July:

From emails received from Dr. Rajiv Pandit Sharma [Ibbetson 1961-1970] who is a professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at University of Illinois; we understand that Krit was diagnosed with Pancreatic Carcinoma in April  2011. The tests showed that it a was very serious situation. Through the first phase, attempts at chemotherapy and radiation were successful in containing the growth. He picked up some weight, the pain was controllable, and by the grace of God, he was able to see his son married, the birth of a second grandson. His brother Thanasak visited him in May 2011 and again in December 2011.  He was also able to go to Thailand and spend some time back at home. He knew that the chances of recovery were slim. The pain reemerged in March 2012 and was unremitting after that. Two weeks ago he was beginning to bleed,  OC Rajiv Pandit visited him during this time. Apparently there was nothing much anybody could do. Krit fought this with great courage. BCS was the part of his life that he cherished the most. It was always amazing how this gentle soul settled in Thailand, growing up in BCS, and finally successful in USA, could love our school so much.

We salute Krit and wish his family well.



32 thoughts on “Fellow Cottonian Krit Tippakorn / Batch 1970

  1. Vinod Nanda

    Very sad news indeed. Did not Krit that well but certainly knew Thanasak very well. I offer his family my deepest condolences. May his soul rest in peace.

    ( Nanda 11 Lefroy 1959 – 1967 )

  2. Editor Post author

    I was just informed that Bhupinder Pal Singh of 1970 Batch, passed-on sometime in early 2009. We do not have details, but it appears Bhupi’s health had been poor for a few years and he did not recover.


  3. Deepinder Bains

    Shocked, Numbed Sad.
    Thanasak may god give you the strength to absorb this.
    Krit thanks for keeping us all in the loop.
    I just got back to work today and I read this.

  4. Vijay Singh

    Very sad news. I offer his family my deepest condolences. May his soul rest in peace.
    OC Vijay Singh. (Curzon 1953 – 1958)

  5. Vijay Khurana

    I remember the year Krit joined School. He was naughty, frisky and extremely restless. His brother, Thanasak, in contrast did not compare with the agility and playfulness of Krit. Krit was passionate about BCS, his peer group and the affection he offered. I had been in touch with him and was on his e-mail listing. I loved all that he sent. It was lovely catching up with him for the 150th.Warmth flowed from him. Affectionate and sincere, a rare person who would be ready to assist without hesitation. My regret is I was unable to convert his business efforts though he knew of my commitments. Soon, his e-mails began to peter out and I wondered why until now. Sadness. His grandson’s picture is the last mail that I received until he came up with his contribution for Mrs DeMellow. That was a wonderful gesture and it becomes all the more meaningful now. Did we thank him sufficiently ? !! His trust in our efforts is reassuring. Goodbye, Krit. We will miss you “helluva lot” !! May God hold you in his arms. Our warm and sincere condolences to his wife, and family. P.S. Can some one please post a few of his pictures, please! Thanks.

  6. Ajay Sawhney

    I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear this painful news. Krit was a common bond for a number of OCs like me who received regular emails and Youtube postings. Didn’t have a clue that he was going through such a horrible time…..My deepest condolences to his family. Krit was a great human being, he will be missed!!!

  7. Pradeep Yash Rana

    I was numb for a few minutes when I read this sad news, it has taken me a while to come to grips with this reality. Krit was a brother to a lot of us. I joined school in 1970. He was my senior by 4 yrs but I remember clearly I could talk to him about any problems especially dealing with bulling by seniors. He surely was a different person calm, compassionate and mature.
    His study hall for isc exams was the pavilion room ,we would go there frequently talk to him he used to give out special colorful stickers from Thailand. I knew he was in U S where I reside and used to tell myself some day I will contact him I am so distraught. Krit, I will really miss you.

  8. N.K Akers

    Krit fellow Cottonian-May his soul rest in peace.

    What a friendly and sentimental ‘brother cottonian’, as Vivek Bhasin aptly put it,was Krit.
    At the sesquicentenial he just came up and said “Hi Akers’ and introduced himself.
    He was likely in Remove when I passed out in 1965 and yet he remembered 45 odd years later.
    His effusive and genuine goodwill was immensly humbling and refreshing.
    We breifly exchanged our news and in parting he spontaneously gifted me a US customs baseball cap. Now a cherished rememberance of Krit.

    Sincere condolences to Krit’s family,Thansak and friends.


  9. Anil Prakash

    Got the sad news from Akoo and Adu of our fellow batchmate and good friend Krit passing away. My deepest condolences to Krit’s family and his elder brother Thanasak whom I remember as my senior in school.

    Vivek, I feel for your hurt as you and Krit were really close. Now that you are in India, maybe you could organise a class reunion of the 70 batch before more of us go away.

    Unfortunately I don’t keep good health and haven’t been to India for years but promise to turn up all the way from Stockholm for the 70’s batch brothers meet.

    Dear Krit may be gone but never forgotten. May his soul rest in peace and may God grant his family strength to bear this irrepairable loss.

  10. Raj Mohinder

    Shocked to hear of Krit’s sudden passing away. It seems as if we were in touch on a daily basis, with his regular fun posts.He will be deeply missed.
    Suddenly all the memories of School flash back.Heartfelt Condolences to his Family.

  11. Avnish Pawa

    Of all sad thing that we may endure, the saddest is in saying farewell to a Cottonian Brother.
    A Great classmate, all rounder in school and a good friend. He had come to Singapore for a job posting and we spent alot of time together cherishing the good old days. will always be remembered for the emails, that kept the Cottonians in the loop.
    My deepest condolenses to his family. RIP … my friend
    Avnish Pawa (R1970)

  12. B.M.Singh

    Very sad. Deepest condolences to his family from the OCA(INDIA). Each OC’s demise is a loss to all of us. Can somebody in the know give further information like the circumstances of his demise, the town in California where he last resided and the nature of his profession etc?

      1. Vivek Bhasin

        Dear BM Sir,

        Krit resided in San Diego.
        I met him and stayed with him when I was over from Costa Rica and England on shipping business.
        He worked with the US Department of Homeland Security and was stationed at the Border in Baja California the entry/exit from/to Mexico.
        Brother Dr Rajiv Pandit has sent in a detail on what happened to Krit. I am still trying to absorb this terrible loss. I am really heartbroken and missing him terribly.
        Vivek Bhasin

      2. Partap Grewal (Curzon 1953-63)

        Dear BM:
        Krit lived in San Deigo, California, USA and was a Customs Officer. I spoke with him on a number of occasions.
        He kept a lot of us, his OCs friends, involved in a very lively interaction – I am going to miss him very deeply, as will a lot of his close friends.
        May the Almighty bless him, and give consolation to his family members.
        Partap Grewal

  13. Ranbir Brar

    Saddened at the news of a brother Cottonian passing on. My deepest condolences to the family. May his soul RIP. ……….’they still walk amongst us’……..

  14. Jasbir Grewal

    Krit’s passing away is heartbreaking. He was one person that took the time and trouble to keep us all connected, he called every few months just to Hello and reminisce about our wonderful days at BCS. A lion hearted, caring and loving Cottonain will be missed by all who knew him.
    My heartfelt condolences to Thanasak and family. I am blessed with the joyful memories of the time I spent in school with Krit and those will remain close to my heart always. May he rest in peace.

  15. Abhai Singh Mankotia

    It was really sad and shocking to hear about the sad passing away of my dear Krit . He was a gem of a guy,always ready to help at any time. He came and spent three days with me at Udechee Huts Dharamsala.
    Then we met in Shimla at the centenary celebrations,it was great to meet him there. At the end of the function he hugged me and cried and said we may never meet again.
    I pray to God to give peace to his soul and courage to the family to bear the loss . I will miss him always.

  16. Harry Saron

    It is really sad and shocking to hear about the passing away of Krit.We met at the centenary celebrations at B.C.S and relived old times.My heartfelt condolences to his family.

  17. Dr. Romesh Lal (70-76) R

    Krit was not my friend, He was my senior and sort of mentor.
    He was the first guy I met when I joined BCS in 1970 at Mr Hakim’s house.
    He was the one who helped me put on my first pair of boxing gloves and taught me boxing (fighting actually).
    He took us on long runs.

    He never bullied.

    He was the best hurdler I saw during my whole school life.The sight of him smoothly gliding over the hurdles like a gazelle and Dosco Bawa running through them like a bull in a China shop is still etched in my memory.

    When I met him during the Sesqi celeb he was now more of a friend than a senior.

    I don’t know what really happened, but it is difficult to accept the shocking news that he is no more.
    May God rest his soul in peace and give his near and dear ones the courage to bear the loss.


  18. H.R. Sabhlok (1970 Batch)

    I can remember Krit was full of energy a wonderful Gymnast and a Boxer , his leaving us is a great shock, God Bless you Krit in eternity., my heartfelt condolences to his brother Thanasak

  19. Dilip Tinani

    Krit and I reconnected after all these years on Facebook. Somehow the trip I pla

  20. Anil Advani

    “Somewhere over the rainbow
    Skies are blue,
    And the dreams that you dare to dream
    Really do come true.”

    – The Wizard of Oz

    RIP, dear friend Krit.

  21. ashok chachra

    I am really shocked to hear the news! We all will miss him greatly.condolences to the family.May his soul rest in peace.

  22. Homer Gill

    Sad/ Shocking news Krit was a good friend he will be deeply missed.

    my condolence to his familly

  23. yogesh mehra

    RIP my dear friend – a considerate and ever smiling disposition is how I’ll always remember you…

  24. dm sud

    Tragic news..was a pleasure to meet with Thanasak & Krit during the Sesqui after almost 40 years..I pray for peace to the departed soul & strength to Thanasak and his family to bear this irrepairale loss.R.I.P.Krit.

  25. Joe Joshi

    I am sad to hear about Krit passing away. I remember him from school as a gentleman with a kind heart. Then we lost touch as we drifted to different parts of the world. We reconnected two years ago and he always made us happy with his emails. Good bye my friend…
    Joe Joshi
    R 1954-63

  26. Pawan Kumar Pawa

    The passing away of Krit Tippakorn (1970 Batch) is profoundly moving and the news has shocked me very deply .

    Really loving Human Being, Classmate and a real brother to us all. Made it possible to keep the fabric of our friends intact with many correspondeces.

    He made it as far as Singapore where we met up with Avnesh Pawa for a mini get together.

    His loviing & fond memories will fill my heart through the years of my life.

    My deepest condolences to his brother Thanasak Tippakorn and and all of Krit’s cherished buddies..

    May the Lord Budha grant him everlasting solace and peace at his sacred feet.

    My cup runneth over with sadness

    Rest in peace my friend.
    Om Namah Shivai.
    Pawan Kumar Pawa (Akoo) 1970

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