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2012 is moving on, MAY & JUNE have come and gone, but the inclement weather still persists. Reviewing these past two months our Old Cottonian fraternity awoke from winter slumber. Believing in March the unusual warm spell herald an early summer – no – no – no!

Nevertheless, late Bobby Reed’s wife Sheila and family invite to their “afternoon at home” ‘Watchbury Cottage’ in Warwickshire, May 5th brought OCs together – Gay Niblett (R 40-47) Catherine & John Phillips (C 39-44) Arthur Jones (L42-48) Raj Lamba (L 49-59) Susan & Bambi Maljumdar (I 56-59) Joan & Jess Pudwell (C 42-47) Paddy Singh (C 53-59) Jagat Aulakh (R 58-66) Dorothy & Joginder Chahal (C 44-50) Maggie and I.

30th May the Himalayan Hill Schools Reunion at the Clay Oven at Alperton near Wembley a handful of OCs attended this biannual occasion – Allan Bapty (R 36-44) John Stringer (L 42-45) Peter Travers (R 42-45) Gay Niblett (R 40-47) Paddy Singh (C 53-59) Elisabeth & Peter Johans (I 44-48) Maggie and I.

The weeklong Queen’s Diamond Jubilee fulfilled the loyal Royalist dream of splendour. The nation rose to the occasion as we watched on television the mighty flotilla of over a 1000 boats sail with Her Majesty along the Thames. The pageantry continued celebrating with thanks a Royal concert, a very special blessing in St Paul’s Cathedral and then a RAF Fly Past. Deep depression was relieved in spirit as Britain smiled with pride followed another Saturday later at the Trooping of the Colours.

Finally OCs smiled too in JUNE on the last Saturday a wholesome gathering at our annual favourite choice – The Bombay Brasserie. Yes we too can celebrate with tradition and honest pride recalling our school days in dear PATINA nestled among the pines down Knollswood Spur Simla EAST! I pause for thought to remind you of the penultimate meet of a few OCs the Wednesday 27th before, at Fairlands Whyteleafe. Maggie & I host our ‘khana on the lawn’ and thank the heavens the sun did shine. Attended – Peter Travers (R 42-45) three veteran Rivazites arrived in style a chauffer driven black limo – Humayun Khan (40-47) Gay Niblett (40-47) and Deep C Anand (47-51). Elisabeth & Peter Johannes Raj Lamba (L 49-59) late Bobby Reed’s wife Sheila, Gursant Sandhu (our new Secretary) and his charming wife. From LaMartinea – Cris Kishanan, his wife Pat and a lady friend from Switzerland. To complete the list Paddy Singh (C 53-59) keeping Indian time as usual arrived after everyone had left at 7pm. I fussed with drinks and Maggie attended his late khana!

What I must add before this bulletin closes – my heart is filled with gladness to have shared another happy and joyful OCA (UK) Reunion. Then I realize that apart from my immediate family, this probably is an important relationship in my retired life. At that luncheon I found the platform is set for the future and a stronger OCA brotherhood. We have chosen well a young Chairman and Secretary that understand the powerful BCS bond that cuts across the generations for your support. So remember using a Kennedy metaphor “Not what OCA can do for you — but what you can do for OCA”. . Each member is important and support is paramount.

OVERCOME EVIL WITH GOOD and God Bless our UK Association.

Enjoy the coming months; hope to meet some of you this year and meet you all again in 2013.

CHEERS from an old LEFROY boy

Peter A Stringer (L 43-47)

2 thoughts on “OCA UK 2012 get-together Newsletter

  1. Michael Pratt

    Dear Peter Stringer,
    Thanks for your bright and cheery report of the activities from the UK which was great.
    Who knows if the treasury department is good we may make another visit back to the UK to visit our daughter and grandchildren and I might just make sure it coincides with the reunion lunch!! All the best to one and all
    Mike Pratt

  2. (MILO) K. S. DHANOA

    I wish we could have the gatherings you have in London. After Peter Hotz left us we seemed to fizzled. Wish you all continued success OCA UK. Best Wishes to u all. A big hello to Raj Paddy-59 batch. Milo K. Dhanoa Lefroy (50-59)

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