Dear OCs,

A few weeks ago, some of us gathered in NYC to have a preliminary discussion on a potential OC reunion here in the United States.  As we discussed both the general and specific nature of this reunion our idea evolved into something bigger: creating an OC – East Coast group with a wider objective of forming a platform for social gatherings, networking events, and career talks for all OCs in the area.

The genesis of this reunion is in the thought that what we gained in the 5 – 10 years at Bishop Cotton is being lost each year.   We have an invaluable resource in the network of OCs that a majority of us haven’t yet tapped.  We are losing our sense of affiliation to a legendary institution.  It is our responsibility to seek wisdom from our seniors, connect with our peers, and provide guidance to the youngsters.  The purpose of this initiative is to organize and create a platform for communication amongst OCs and to foster the Cottonian Spirit.

The first step in this process is to put together a list of all OCs on the East Coast. We will achieve this based on your prompt replies with information requested below.  Please note that we are presently limiting the registry to OCs on the East Coast to maintain the focus of the initiative.  A larger geographical area may make logistics difficult at this time.

Once the registry is set up we will begin working on putting together the first event.  This event will most likely be a semi-formal gathering in NYC this summer.  Again, the specifics of the event will be determined based on the number of replies and level of interest.  We will most probably create a Google group to keep everyone up to date.

This email is to request you to provide contact information so we can take account of all OCs who are living on the East Coast and who are willing to come to New York for a reunion sometime this summer.

Ricky Soin (Rivaz 2000), Karma Tenzing Nyangmi (Curzon 1998), and Kunal Moudgil (Lefroy 2002) are leading this effort.

Following the event and based on its success we will start exploring the option of creating a formal or an informal OC Group.

The following instructions are vital in order to begin this process:

  1. Please email Kunal Moudgil at with the following information: Mark your email subject as: OC–Reunion (East Coast).
    • Name
    • Region / City
    • BCS Batch Year
    • BCS House
    • Occupation
    • Email address / contact number
    • Confirm if you attend event this Summer  and give your Preferred Dates (3 dates – preferably weekends) July 21; July 28, August 4
  2. Please respond by June 30, 2012 with all information so we can keep the process rolling
  3. Please feel free to email this to other OCs on the East Coast (we are not working with an extensive email list)
  4. Look out for an email inviting you to a Google group

Gentlemen, several attempts have been made in the past to gather OCs in the United States with a lackluster outcome.  One of us remembered only one time in the past decade when such an OC gathering really occurred: when former Headmaster Mr. Kabir Mustafi visited New York for a fundraising event.  Other schools such as St. Paul and Sindhia have regular alumni gatherings in the United States, this should be motivation enough to get our sleeves rolling.

We want to create something here, miles away from our alma mater, to carry our motto, our principles and our objectives from the hills of Simla to Metropolitans like New York, Boston and Philadelphia.  This is a call to all OCs who live in the area: your support is essential in making this initiative a success.

We eagerly await your reply.
Best Regards,

Kunal Moudgil (Lefroy 2002)
Ricky Soin (Rivaz 2000)
Karma Tenzin (Curzon 1998)

4 thoughts on “Calling OCs in USA EAST COAST for a REUNION

  1. Vijay Khurana

    You guys are missing out on something if you cannot get to include Milo Dhanoa in your get togethers !!

  2. David Mitchell

    I would be reluctant to attend a reunion in New York. Too far and too expensive. I might be interested in a reunion in Raleigh or Atlanta, but I suspect that the majority of OCs are concentrated in the New England states. I live in Sarasota, Florida.

  3. (MILO) K. S. DHANOA

    Would luv a BCS gathering on a scale WHERE U COULD INCLUDE us well.There a alot us who live in Canada also. Is this possible may in the future.There are alot of OC’S living in ALBERTA & ONTARIO WITH A FEW HERE IN VANCOUVER. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP.

    1. Kunal Moudgil

      Dear Mr. Dhanoa,

      This exercise is merely to build a template for successful reunions throughout North America. We decided to keep our focus limited to a certain region purely to keep the logistics manageable (given that this is the first effort in a long time). We hope that based on the success of the OCA East Coast, OCs in other parts of North America will begin to lead similar efforts in their respective regions.

      Also, as we make progress on the first event and more in the future, we will certainly keep your sentiments in mind.

      Best regards,

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