Kalka-Shimla Railway – documentary

Wonderful documentary by BBC4 on Simla/Shimla and the Kalka-Shimla Railway, which contains clips that every BCS boy will remember!

5 thoughts on “Kalka-Shimla Railway – documentary

  1. Partap Grewal (Curzon 1953-63)

    Dear Michael: I would appreciate it if you would, please, send me a copy of the documentary. Thank you. Partap

  2. Michael Pratt

    I had no problems with my viewing of the train journey,which ran for 58 minutes and
    brought the memories back to me deeply. My wife was totally horrified that us poor little kids had to put up with this school upbringing, which was the NORM in them days.If Partap Grewal would like a copy I could e-mail my one which worked when I passed it on to my relations in the UK

  3. Partap Grewal (Curzon 1953-63)


    I really like the video; however, there appears to be a problem – I could not watch the entire video because it stopped after 25 minutes and 46 seconds of playing time. Why?

    Please, fix the problem so that I can watch the entire video. And, let me know when the problem has been fixed.

    Thank you.

    1. Editor Post author

      If there is any glitch in the video, that’s something to do with how it is at Youtube. You can, however, try running the video directly at Youtube. If it still won’t work, you could try contacting the author/producer of the video via the link to the user/person/company who uploaded the video at Youtube.

  4. Michael Pratt

    Thanks for the attached documentary, I did see it earlier when it was on BBC and still enjoyed the experience of the second viewing. It certainly brought back memories, even though my Brother and I were still heart broken with our despatch from Calcutta to Simla. I can not believe that it was common practice in those days to have this barbarous sysytem in vogue. Mind you this was followed up, at the end of the war
    when my parents returned to the UK in 1947, with us in tow where we were then dumped in a public school in North Devon; for intervals of two years and longer for the next 5/6 years. How that could possibly ever stiffen the upper lip is beyond imagination. The film did bring back the memories however and it would lovelly to try to persuade the Memsahib to make a memory tour!!!

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