BM Singh hosts a dinner for BCS 1961 Batch

Dear All

BM Singh, President OCA (India) and his wife Ravi Singh hosted a dinner for the batch of 1961 who will go up to Simla to celebrate their 50 years of leaving School this week. The dinner was hosted at the Deck Suite at the India Habitat Centre

The numbers for this batch have dwindled rapidly but their gusto and enthusiasm remains undiminished. In typical OC style,

Sukhinder Singh, Billy Gill,  Adarshpal Singh, accompanied by Ajay Thiara drove in yesterday [17th Sept] morning from Chandigarh for this dinner. The dinner which began early at 7.30 pm concluded almost near the mid-night and these gentlemen then drove right back last night. They were sleeping when Ashok Mulchandani rang to seek some assistance and advice!! What do you expect ? !!

The following other guys from the 1961 batch were present:
Veenu & Jaiwant Gill
Nano & Ricky Sawhney
Anita & Sudhir Khanna
Sudhir Kashyap
Ashok Mulchandani

The others present were:
Harry Bedi
Jyoti & R S Sodhi
Ritu & Neel Mehra
Anupam Thapa
Vatsala & Vijay Khurana

The pictures that Sudhir Khanna took, and sent as a separate mail with a Picassa link, simply indicate what a lovely evening it was. What I am doing is sending some of these pictures with the names of the persons labelled (left to right pattern) so that you can identify the persons in the respective pictures. Unfortunately, the quality of my attachments is not outstanding but Sudhir’s mail will give you a much better idea. Go full screen and a slide show to get the complete effect of what a group with an average of 60 can do and enjoy an evening!

We take this opportunity to wish the 1961 batch a happy and lovely reunion.

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2 thoughts on “BM Singh hosts a dinner for BCS 1961 Batch

  1. Gurpratap Singh

    Nice seeing these pictures. After so many years, more than half the faces I could place. Well done 1961!
    I would, as an experienced(!) Golden Jubilarian from 1956, suggest that you all leave behind at BCS some little Memorial to your Golden Jubilee get together, preferably in consultation with the HM. I’m sure you’d agree that if all batches were to do this year after year, the School would be that much richer!!
    In appreciation, and with every good wish for you and your families.

    We should all work together to make this annual effort as successful as possible, no matter which Batch’s Golden Jubilee it is. Of course, the OCA, as a nodal body, should always be ready to extend all the logistical help that it can, and even should.

    In the ultimate analysis, it has got to be the Golden Jubilee chaps concerned themselves who should begin the homework in time, appoint a suitable coordinator, and push enthusiastically, in collaboration with the HM and the OCA. It’s no small reward to be meeting up with more than half your childhood playmates after a full 50 years. Quite honestly, we of 1956, have still not gotten over the nostalgia of 2006, when 16 of us couples, and a few singletons, spent such lovely and memorable three days together, reliving our past in our hallowed surroundings.
    In passing, the HM, who was himself so full of participation, would remember us conduct ourselves like Cottonians of yore, and to have left behind more than we carried away.

    So, now the 1962 wallahs need to get to work as fast as they can! All good wishes from the Batch of 1956.

    Gurpratap Singh Sahi (I – 1953-56)

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