OCs final list – Sanawar Invitational Golf 2011 [updated 6 Sept 11]

Dear Old Cottonian Golfers,

I would like to thank you all for the great response we have had for this event from our fellow Old Cottonian Golfing fraternity.
As the list of entries from each school needs to be submitted by Wednesday 31st Aug 2011, I am forwarding the  list for acceptance by the concerned  school committees.
All selected participants MUST CARRY THEIR CLUB HANDICAP CERTIFICATES on the day of the event to be submitted at the Registration desk prior to TEE OFF.

  • The event will be played at THE CLASSIC GOLF RESORT on Thursday 15th Sept 2011.
  • Arrival at the Golf Club – 11 AM
  • Registration – 11 AM onwards
  • Light Beverages/Snacks
  • Players will be driven to their respective tees on Golf Carts,


  1. Raman Khanna
  2. Sudhir Khanna
  3. Prithvi Raj Prem
  4. Gurnihal S. Mann
  5. Chetan Singh
  6. Ronald Das
  7. Anil Mehra (Dimpy)
  8. I.S.Bawa (Inni)
  9. Arun Seth
  10. Prithvi S. Nat
  11. Manjeet Kocchar
  12. Guljit Kocchar
  13. Vineet Sarjolta
  14. Pranav Roach
  15. A.S. Dullet
  16. Ajay Kang
  17. Gurdeep Singh
  18. Anil Singha (Charlie)


The Reserve players are:

  1. Jaiwant S. Kang
  2. Rahul Negi
  3. Sharatpat Singhania
  4. Jaspal S.Sawhney (Palli)
  5. Vikram Sodhi
  6. Himmat Kahlon
  7. B.M. Singh
  8. Sidhartha Mathur
  9. Pritinder Singh
  10. Hardyal Chauhan

CHETAN SINGH chetanpioneersports@gmail.com

Message from Hardy Gill quoted below

Hi guys,
Preparations for The Tournament are well underway and I am sure your teams are taking shape. I am also pleased to inform you the venue for Prize Distribution and Dinner on Fri 16th Sept. is Dublin, Maurya Sheraton.
The OSS (Old Sanawarian Society) will extend personalized invites to every player and to special invitees, such as committee / executive members of all participating schools. May I request you to please send me your lists as per attached format by 31st Aug 11, including special invitees. I realize there may be subsequent changes to this list but it should give us a good indication of the field. Final lists should then be closed out by Fri 9th Sept, so that 4-balls can be formed by 11th Sept. The 4 Captains should also call for individual handicap cards for all team members. For players holding multiple club memberships / handicap cards, the accepted norm is to take the lowest handicap. If you have any further suggestions on handicap, we can discuss.
I propose the tournament committee (Chetan, Smiley, Anirudh and I) meet on the weekend of 10th – 11th Sept. If you wish, we could also invite the 4 Captains to this meeting and perhaps finalize the 4 balls at this sitting.
The tournament format was finalized in our last meeting, which I repeat once again:

  • A 4-man tournament committee, with one member from each school, shall oversee all aspects of the game and rules.
  • Teams shall comprise 18 players from each school, 1 in each 4-ball.
  • List of teams to be declared latest by 31st Aug 2011, along with handicaps.
  • Stableford. Best 10 scores from each team will count for the trophy.
  • To ensure fair handicapping, a maximum stableford score of 40 will count towards the winning score. In other words, even if an individual plays less than 4 below his handicap, he will earn only 40 points.
  • Two guest members from each school shall be invited to play. Their score will not be counted for the trophy.

If you have any query or suggestion, please let me know.
Best wishes,
H.S. Gill

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  1. Anil Singha

    Thanks Chetan,
    I’ve seen the list of selected players for the tourney. I,m once again confirming my participation. Regards.

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