OC Dyal Singh Chauhan – obituary

Sorry to announce that Dr. D.C. (Dyal Chand) Chauhan [Rivaz House Captain 1976] passed away at Shimla today. DC Chauhan was a well acclaimed Plastic Surgeon at the Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla.

Further information, if received will be added here shortly.


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  1. Dr.Prabha Lal (wife of Dr. Romesh Lal -70-76)

    Tragic as it is, I would like to share the pain of the sad demise of Dr. Dyal Chand Chauhan along with my husband (as above) and further convey my heartfelt condolences specifically to his two young boys and Ambika Chauhan, who was my batchmate both during undergraduation and postgraduation at IGMC,Shimla.

    She is as simple and down to earth as DC and they were made for each other to perfection. Today fate has separated them, but I know she is too strong a person to accept defeat. With the moral support of the Cottonian fraternity and God’s grace, Ambika will fulfill the dreams that they had for themselves and their children.

    Ambika – The night is dark, but their is always a new dawn!

    Dr. Prabha Lal
    Batchmate of Dr.(Mrs) Ambika Chauhan.

  2. Ashok Kumar

    My ritual of booting the computer and checking e-mails each morning has never been so shocking and painful as that of seeing the BCS OCA news flash, informing about the demise of Dyal Chand Chauhan.
    Dyal Chand Chauhan, DC as we fondly remember calling him, was a person we will never forget specially the class of 76, the last batch of ISC before the school changed its curriculum to the 10+2 System.
    I joined BCS in 1967 in the third standard and DC joined BCS in 1974 in the Main School but it never seemed though as if being such a late entrant in the Cottonian fold that DC lacked any traits of a Cottonian. It was then that a healthy competition that ensued between me and DC. He overtook me in many ways is a different matter altogether for which I will always admire him.
    Thin, lean and supporting an athletic body this boy was quiet, yet always knew what he wanted and also knew that he always had a goal ahead of him whether be it Sports or Academics. A person who liked to excel in whatever he did, he did that with passion and determination.
    As rightly described by fellows Cottonians, he not only participated with dexterous display of his upper and lower limbs but effectively captained his house teams in all the sports and School teams and when it came to academics he made sure he had revised each page of his book. The spirit of competition was always evident as one would see him late night sitting in the class room preparing for exams. Never did his ego clash with any of his peers; he was a true friend to all.
    Having successfully cleared the ISC he enrolled in the prestigious Christian Medical College at Ludhiana, again being a hardworking student he took up Surgery and thereafter began his career with a flying start by higher qualification at the PGI at Chandigarh and Indira Gandhi Medical College at Shimla.
    My interaction with DC was almost at each stage of his career growth as I was to visit nearly all the institutions where he honed his surgical skills, owing to medical emergencies of my relatives and friends whom I would accompany for treatment and sure enough DC was there to offer any assistance whether administrative or medical.
    Both our families met at BCS in 1996 during the interviews of our sons Pranav Chauhan and Karan Godara for admissions to BCS in the junior classes. The wonderful moments we shared together as families reunited, while the interviews progressed, will always remind us of those happy moments of exchanging notes on various aspects on the first flat at BCS.
    Little could I imagine that I would be having DC by my side during the most challenging moments of my life. Our younger son Karan Godara (I) 1997-2007 was shifted from school hospital to IGMC in the ICU Children’s ward on the 26th of May, 2004 with life threatening medical emergencies. It was here again that DC stood beside us and with the dedication of team of doctors at the IGMC; we were able to resurface from the challenges thrown upon us. DC was there with us twice a day in the hospital ward assuring us that things would be fine while he quietly discussed the path of recovery with other doctors attending on our son. Karan was discharged on the 20th June, 2004. Seemed like DC, along with other Doctors at the IGMC were godsend angels to our aid in crisis.
    Meeting DC was always a pleasant experience. We will miss him always and memories will always linger with photographic flashes of images of DC in his Rivaz house sports outfit or DC in his full School blazer attire proudly leading his House.
    Just as I regret not attending the BCS Sesquicentennial celebrations in 2009 where DC along with other ‘76’ batch OC’s were vibrantly alive and recalling memories of school days, I will always regret not having met him in his last moments for I was visiting Chandigarh often and crossing by the very medical institutions that were fighting to save this valuable life that contributed so much to give the healing touch to the sufferings of the needy from all walks of life. I was not even aware of his dreaded illness since it first surfaced in March, 2011 as I have been told. A life so wonderfully spent to the cause of the needy. It was indeed a delight to be with DC.
    Yes he ran the marathons, a long distance runner indeed bracing the finishing line ribbon onto his chest. Just as he braced his illness.
    We pray to almighty for strength to his family for it is a mammoth challenge that faces all. A challenge we must embrace and sail through.

    We will miss you DC.

    Ashok Kumar 1967-76 (I)
    & Entire Batch of ‘76’

  3. Sunil Bhalaik

    Really a shocking news about passing away of Dr.Dayal Chand Chauhan,DC,as he was fondly known .A reputed Plastic Surgeon,in the I.G.M.C.Medical College and Hospital,Shimla .He was a noble soul ,who was willing to help any one,at any time .A keen sports man,who even played football on the school field,a few months before his passing away,during the Old Cottonians Association,150 years celebrations,in the month of October,2010.He even volunteered to donate blood for the cause of humanity and of course for the cause of his alma mater.I,used to meet him ,when Ranjit Mehta and me used to drop our kids in a Day School,about a few years back. May God give his wife,and family courage to get out of the grief,and offer condolance to his family to bear this loss.

  4. Vijay Khurana

    His life was gentle, and the elements
    So mixed in him that Nature might stand up
    And say to all the world, “This was a man”

    DC was a man I did not know. However, what I have read and heard about him creates in my mind a person who distinguished himself in School and later in life in his chosen profession. He was a Cottonian we would be proud of and a fine product in its truest sense. Those whose lives he touched grieve for him. We share in their loss. Our deepest sympathies to his family. He went much too soon. May God give him peace.

  5. prithvi Singh Legha

    Sad to hear about DC , remember him well.
    wonderfull person. Heartfelt condolences to his family.

    1. Akshay K Garg (1969-76)

      Shocked and heartbroken to lose a very dear friend and a class mate . DC was genius and unassumingly so down to earth. My sincere and heartfelt condolenses to Ambica and kids. May god rest his soul in peace and give the aggrieved family strength to bear this irreparable loss.

  6. Harjeet Singh Oberoi (I 74-76)

    It is shocking to hear about the demise of DC.A great sportsman,a dear friend and a perfect gentleman.May his soul rest in peace and pray that the Almighty gives strength to his family to bear this huge loss.

  7. Sandip Puri

    Shocking…. very saddening news. DC and i were in the class of 1976, where he was the top all-rounder … one of the best sportsmen i have ever known and equally brilliant academically. We were both in Rivaz House, where he was House Captain.
    A good leader always leading from the front … played all major sports for the school… Captaining the Hockey, Basketball and Soccer teams with great success, Opening bowler for the Cricket XI… Champion Boxer … Opens Marathon winner.

    DC was also a very mellow and modest person by temperament … a quality that endeared him to all who knew him.

    I met DC at the sesquicentennial celebrations in October 2009 at Shimla, when my brother Dr Vinay Puri and i visited Shimla. During our stay at Shimla, DC was constantly in touch with our class of 1976 wanting to ensure that we were never at a loose end. He invited our class to his home and we also walked together on the Mall and the Ridge- reliving old times, stopping for sustenance at Fascination. What was amazing during our walk together was the number of people who knew DC … he had a smile … a handshake for each of them.

    I will always remember DC Chauhan as one of the very fine people i have had the privilege of meeting. Our class of 1976 and i will miss him very much …
    Our deepest condolences to his family at their immense loss …

    RIP old friend

  8. Kamal Jain

    Though a year Jr to me but DC was always a good soul. In DC we have lost a true friend and a great human being. I pray to Almighty GOD that may his soul rest in peace in Heaven and give his family the strength and courage to bear this irrepairable loss.

  9. Kanwaljit Singh ( Sarkari Saandh ) Curzon ' 79 '

    Really Sad To Hear About The Passing Away Of Our Dear Friend DC … Memories .. May God Bless his Soul & All those He’s Left Behind …. ” You Will Always Be Remembered & Missed DC ” … Amen !!

  10. Jai Joshi, MD

    Thank you, Raaja Bhasin for what you wrote about a Rivaz house captain:

    DC as we knew him was one of the finest persons in our class. Bye DC, where ever you are, the guy upstairs will be happy to have someone like you with him.

    Jai Joshi, MD
    R (1954-1963)
    Houston, TX

  11. Iftikhar Malik

    Extremely grieved to learn of the demise.May the Almighty rest his soul in peace and give strength to the family to bear the loss.Ameen.

  12. Rohit Malhotra

    DC – a gentelman, great friend, good human being, always there to help with a smiling face.. Tragic loss for all of us & especially our class. We had been in touch & both he & his wife had promised to come & spend time with us in Delhi – alas that was not to be. God rest his soul in peace & give his family strength to come to terms with this tragic loss.

  13. B.M.Singh

    Indeed sorry to hear about the passing away of DC. The OCA grieves the passing away of any of its members as it touches all of us. Condolences may be conveyed to his family members and may God give them fortitude to bear this loss.

  14. Ravinder Makhaik

    A Cottonian to the last,

    In the faced of grave adversity

    “When both friends and fortune fail
    When wild fears and doubts assail —-
    —- To every wind that blows”

    DC took it very stoically

    May God give courage to the family to live with the loss.

    Ravinder Makhaik
    Lefroy 1977

  15. Raj Mahant

    I,m shocked to here this news about D.C.Chauhan.My house captain in yr1976 .He was a perfect gentle man,great sportsman and a very very simple guy. I can never forget him and memories we shared . My condolences to his family members and may God rest his soul in peace.
    Shocking…………………………still cant believe it.

  16. Bhupal Singh Chauhan

    Absolutely Shocking…..
    May his soul rest in peace, and may God give strenght to all his near and dear ones to bear the loss…
    A thorugh gentleman, always ready to lend a helping hand to who ever approached him.. Infact, a loss to a lot of people, both known and unknown, since he would never say ‘NO’ to anyone who approached him in regard to his profession. A person who has saved countless lives…
    Will always be remembered !!!

    May his soul rest in peace…

  17. vijay bhalaik

    Shocked to hear about the untimely demise of DC. I remember him very fondly. A great soul, will be greatly missed. May his soul rest in peace and may his family have the strength to overcome this great loss.

    Vijay Bhalaik MRCS. FRCS

  18. Raaja Bhasin

    DC as we knew him was with me in school and was one of the finest persons in our class. I kept in touch with him off and on and learnt only of his sickness last week from another class mate, Rakesh Kumar (Bhagatsons). DC, I was told, was not taking any calls and one of the the regrets I will always have is, will be of not having gone across to his home in Sanjauli to say hello and just shake the hand of a good human being.
    Bye DC, where ever you are, the guy upstairs will be happy to have someone like you with him.

  19. Brig Suresh Datt

    Any loss is a trauma for the family & near ones. My heart felt condolences to the family.

    Brig Suresh Datt, Retd
    Curzon, 1954-56
    (would have been class of 1960)

  20. Uday Singh Jubbal.

    Deeply shocked to hear of the tragic demise of Dr.Dyal Singh Chauhan.May his soul rest in eternal peace & may God give the family courage to bear this irreparrable loss bravely.

    Uday Singh Jubbal.
    Ibbetson House.(1961-1966.)

  21. Romesh Lal

    Absolutely shocked to learn the untimely demise of DC. An excellent sportsman, hardworking surgeon and a great family man. It is an unimaginable personal loss as he was like an elder brother. Always met with a warm smile and a tight hug. Along with Mr Hakim- than a Rivaz Housemaster, schemed, planned and fought many a battle for the House and then for The School, we spent the best part of our lives togather. A hardcore Cottonian -one of the best one, may he live in our memory forever. May God give his family the strengh to overcome the loss. May we all pray for his departed soul.

  22. Himmat Singh Marwah.

    To the entire Chauhan family,please accept my deepest heartfelt condolences on Dr.Dyal
    Chand’s demise,….May God bless his soul, and may he rest in peace !…respects and regrets,…Himmat Marwah,. (Lefroy House) class of 1966.

  23. G.S.Ananad 1961 batch

    Sorry to hear about D C Chauhan untimely demise please covey my heartfel condolonce to the family and I pray God give them strength to beqr this irrepairable loss and gives heaveny abode to the departed soul

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