DC Anand appointed Knight in the National Order of Merit

We have great pleasure and honour of announcing that Mr. Deep C. Anand (R 47-51) has been appointed Knight in the National Order of Merit (Chevalier de l’Ordre national du Merite) by the President of the French Republic.


Col. R Dewan
Hon. Secretary
OCA (India)

July 18th 2011 update from Vivek Bhasin – Chairman OCA  UK :

Deep C.Anand Esq.,
Anand Automotive
1, Sri Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi-110 016

Honorary Life President
Old Cottonians Association ( India)
Bishop Cotton School

Dear Sir,

I was extremely pleased to receive your letter along with the attachment from the French Ambassador  to India H.E. Jerome Bonnafont; which is quoted below

Dear Mr Anand Sir,

I have great pleasure and honour of announcing to you that the you have been appointed

Knight in the National Order of Merit ( ”Chevalier de l’Ordre national du Merite”) by the President of the French Republic ( H.E.Nicholas Sarkozy)

You have played a very important role in promoting the links between the Indian and French business communities and in enhancing the relations between France and India. In particular, you have had an eminent role in developing a world leading company in the area of water supply. I am very pleased that this honour has been bestowed upon you and I congratulate you very warmly for it.

With My Best Regards,
Jerome Bonnafont
Ambassade de France, Inde
New Delhi, 27th June 2011

On behalf of the OCA (United Kingdom) that comprises of members not only from the UK, but also from Switzerland, Germany, India, Australia, Nepal, Canada, USA, Pakistan, Netherlands, Sweden and many more countries, I express my great joy on such a prestigious honour having been bestowed upon you.

For the entire Cottonian Fraternity I will say you are elevated to the Highest Hall of Fame.

(I trust this will also mean the gift  to you of one of France’s most prestigious vineyards in the Bordeaux district, a luxury yacht docked at San Tropez and a special unlimited pass to the Crazy Horse Saloon and the Moulin Rouge in Gay Paris!)

My Kindest Regards,

Capt. Vivek C.Bhasin
Chairman OCA (United Kingdom)

22 thoughts on “DC Anand appointed Knight in the National Order of Merit

  1. Sasim Dasgupta

    My warmest congratulations for being appointed to such a prestigious order of merit. May your hard work and dedication inspire the students of B C S and the members of the OCA. We are always proud of you.

  2. ashwani singh virk

    Kudos to Mr. D.C.Anand, for bringing in all such laurels which have really made us proud for a feat well deserved. His innings with the OCA surpasses even Sachin Tendulkar’s and what he has done for the upliftment of OCA all accross the World is uncomparable. Thank you sir for letting us be part of such heritage.

  3. Vijay Khurana

    DC, we are proud to learn of the honour conferred on you. Warm congratulations!! While the French took a while to realise your social activities, we, members of the OCA are more aware of the long years spent in keeping the OCA going. Thank you.


    Vijay Khurana
    Lefroy 1954-63.

  4. Major Balwant Singh

    Sir, A great Honour. It is recognition of your ability and all round excellance. Your achievements bear testimony to your sincerity, diligence and hard work . You have done us proud and we salute you.

    Major Balwant Singh Lefroy 1951-52

  5. G.S.Ananad 1961 batch

    Congratulation DC we are proud of up and wish you more hounours in future .

  6. Ashok Sopory Curzon 1951-1956

    Mr D.C.Anand, Sir, You have done All O Cs and Cottonians Proud, and the Nation too !
    May you go from strength to strength and more laurels. Heartiest Congratulations andBest Wishes.

    Ashok Sopory. C-56

  7. balwant rao

    way back in ‘49,50 in those impressionable years I was intrigued by the the quarter dozen Anands at the evening roll call….anand one,anand two, anand three …
    An achievement all cottonians are overtly proud ….

  8. Maj Gen S P bhatia

    Please accept my heartiest congratulations for having been bestowed this rare and high honour. Wishing you many more laurels

  9. Vikram Sodhi

    Congrats !!… DC, a well deserved honour, you have raised the bar for all Cottonians, we are proud of you…..

  10. Vishal Yadav

    Congratulations Sir. You have made all cottonians proud with this achievement.
    Well deserved

  11. Iftikhar Ahmad Malik

    This is long overdue and my sincere congragulations,Iftikhar Malik,Cotton House,Prep School
    1944 to 1947

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