Calling all OCA Chapters from around the four corners

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Peter Evans(I 38-44), Arthur Jones(L42-48), Peter  Johans(I44-48), Clive Hardie(L40-45), Raj Lamba(L42-49), John Phillips(C39-44). Rana Data Singh, Daljit Jayjee Singh, Peter Travers(R42-45), Peter Stringer(L43-47), Johnny McLaughlin(I41-48), Gay  Niblett (R40-47), Hashim Khan(I43-47).

OLD COTTONIANS (United Kingdom)

Dear Friends
Calling all OCA Chapters from around the four corners.
Another year and another reunion luncheon and I must tell you, a great gathering and a brilliant success.  As usual, always the last Saturday in June, this one on the 25th instant. And I would like to draw your attention to your 2012 social calendar – We will meet again on the 30th June 2012 D.V.
Our new young Chairman Vivek Bhasin, and promising secretary Gursant Sandhu, our stalwarts Treasurer Puneet Singh and committee members Vinod Nanda and Raj Lamba pulled off a wonderful act bringing in a host of young OCs – swelling the crowd to the pleasure of us veterans …… outnumbering us oldies by far. SABASH!
Message for you young OCs and school leavers, OCA (UK) depends on you and your support.
Some regular OCs bullied-off on Wednesday 22nd at Fairlands, Whyteleafe.  Maggie laid on the gala khana, Daljit Jayjee Singh brought in samosas and pakoras for starters, Rana Data Singh, our established wine merchant, the sharab. More wines and refreshments followed as OCs and wives arrived. Now here is something for the record.  Evelyn, wife of late Malcolm Petters (R 32-39) from Perth, Australia, came along. Evelyn, having spent a short holiday with Elizabeth and Lumboo Evans (I 38-44) in Amsterdam joined Catherine and John Phillips (C 39-44) at their home in Ickenham and drove over together.  Hashim Khan (I 43-47) came all the way from Islamabad. Helen and Johnny McLaughlin (I 41-48) flew in from Michigan, USA, to London Gatwick and after a week’s sojourn with his cousin in North East London stayed with us from Sunday, 19th to 28th instant.  Sheila Reed wife of the late Bobby Reed (R 40-46) drove over from her home in Warwickshire and stayed with us from Tuesday 21st to the following Monday.  Elisabeth and Peter Johans (I 44-48) accompanied by a friend from Canada arrived from Switzerland.  My House and School Captain Clive Hardy (L 40-45) and his dear wife Shirley, and Chris their son, from Buckinghamshire joined the numbers.  Young Chairman Vivek (L 61-70) with his dear Swedish wife Sophia and the late Tubby Whitmarsh-Knight’s engaging nephew John Whitmarsh-Knight, after his 3-year teaching assignment at BCS, graced us with their presence.  Arthur Jones (L 42-48) and daughter Julie drove in from Cambridge.  Peter Travers (R 42-45) from Woking and veteran committee member Raja Lamba (L 42-49) arrived by train with our honoured patron and ex Chairman Gay Niblett from his island home in Mallorca.  As our special guests we welcomed Pat and Chris Krishnan (ex La Martiniere, Lucknow) who resides in the next village up on the hill.  To our sad disappointment we were overcome with a windy and rainy afternoon.  We lads congregated under the marquee and the ladies watched out from the windows indoors!  We boys accepted it all in good BCS monsoon spirit.  My School Captain had warned Maggie in advance to plead for a sunshine holiday!!
Friday 24th we rendezvoused at the home of Shirley and Clive Hardy with Catherine and John Phillips, Evelyn Peters, Elisabeth and Lumboo Peter Evans.  Sheila Reed taking the strain behind her limo kindly drove Helen, Johnny, Maggie and yours truly to Beaconsfield, Bucks.  Refreshments, excellent food and cheerful company shared over a happy afternoon, one we will remember.
Saturday the Twenty Fifth morning dawned with a fall of rain soon to clear leaving a glorious day to celebrate our annual luncheon at the now fond Bombay Brasserie noted for the excellent Indian cuisine.   Once again the restaurant rose to its warm good standard and served a super lunch with all the trimmings and good service.  A high benchmark scored by our new young appointed committee – once again FULL MARKS.  After the meal, Vivek gave an introductory speech followed by an up to date school general report from Anil Dimpy Mehra (a School Board Member).  Deep Anand, also a school board governor, voiced his support for BCS and the OC world involvement, with short speeches from Gay Niblett and our esteemed globe ambassador Humayun Khan from Peshawar, Pakistan.
It was a tremendous reuniting of OCs that we had not seen for some time.  The whole assembly raised the Spirit of BCS to a refreshing high, bringing our friendships a lot closer.  My thoughts go out to those who could not attend for whatever reason that kept them from us.  We wish you well, keep in touch with the flock and hope to see you soon or next year D.V.
Peter A Stringer (Lefroy 1943-47)