Annual Inter School Golf on 15th Sept 2011


Dear OC Golfers,

With reference to my mail of 18th July regarding the Annual Inter School Golf on 15th Sept 2011 at the Classic Golf Resort, the following OCS have confirmed their participation.

1. Raman Khanna – 16 Naldhera
2. Sudhir Khanna – 18 Annadale
3. Sajid Dahlvi – 18 Classic 
4. Prithvi Raj Prem  – 18 Lado Sarai
5. Prithvi Singh Nat – 18  Raj Bhavan 
6. Manjit Kocchar  – 16 Air force
7. Gurnihal S.Mann – 9 DGC
8. Chetan Singh – 13 DGC
9. Vikram Sodhi- 18 DGC 

It is surprising that inspite of the information being posted on the OC WEBSITE on 18th July, the response has been poor.

As a meeting has been fixed for Monday 1st August  at the DGC with representatives of the other three schools, DOON, MAYO, SANAWAR; the initial entries need to be discussed. 

Each school need a minimum of 20 players to complete the format. Our School has only nine! Incase there is no further response we may need to withdraw from this event. I’m sure there are enough OCS that play golf & would love to represent their alumni. Lets hope!

Chetan Singh
Managing Partner
Pioneer Sports Co.
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New Delhi-110001
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UPDATE 31st July 2011 :

Dear OC Golfers,
The response to the inter school golf by OCS is mentioned below
1. Raman Khanna – 16
2. Sudhir Khanna – 18
3. Sajid Dehlvi – 18
4. Prithvi Raj Prem – 20
5. Prithvi Singh Nat – 18
6. Manjit Kocchar – 16
7. Gurnihal S.Mann – 9
8. Chetan Singh – 13
9. Ronald Das – 16
10. Jaiwant S. Kang- 16
11. Ajay Kang – 7
12.Gurdeep Singh – 18
13. Sidhartha M. Mathur
14. Vineet Sarjolta – 18
15. Rahul Negi – 18
16. Palli Sawhney – 18
17. Anil (Dimpy) Mehra  – 15

The Following OC Golfers need to Confirm –
18. Vikram Chopra – 12
19. Vikram Sodhi  – 18
20. Guljit Kocchar – 18
21. Inni Bawa – 16
22. Anil Singha (Charlie) – 18
23. B.S.Gill  – 18
24. P.S.Nat (Peshi) – 12
25. B.M.Singh – 20
26. Sujjan Singh  – Scratch (Professional Golfer).

I hope the Chandigarh Chapter can be more responsive, I’m sure we can do with some single handicap golfers.


7 thoughts on “Annual Inter School Golf on 15th Sept 2011

  1. PPS Rawal

    How about we rope in talent like:

    Jeev Mikha Singh
    Arjun Atwal
    Sujjan Singh

    That ough to do the trick

  2. Ajay Kang

    Ajay Kang h’ cap 7 (L 70-78)
    Jaiwant Kang h’cap 15 (L 70-77)
    ANIL Singha h’ cap 10 (R 69-77)
    Pritinder Singh h’cap 10 (I 70-78)

    1. Sidhartha M Mathur


      I am currently abroad, but have already written to the mentioned e-mail address about my willingness to play. Presently I am abroad on business, and will be back by the 2nd week of August.
      However, do pencil in my name for the event. Trust some sort of confirmation will be sent to the final list.


  3. Gurdeep Singh

    Dear Chetan,
    Please count me in for the inter-school golf. I don’t know how to enter oin the web.
    The trouble with posting such notices only on the web, is that a number of us older OC’s , many being “technologically challenged” don’t instinctively log onto the web on our own unless we receive an email alert of what has been frshly posted thereon- I don’t remember receiving a n email alert re this Golf tournament posting,or maybe it happened when I was abroad on holiday (27June-18July).
    Any way, please put my name down and may I request an e-mail oproviding further details.
    I can think of at least 4 other OC golfer members of Delhi Gol;f Club who should be informed,as I believe they don’t know about this event:
    -Inni Bawa
    -P.S Nat
    -Dimpy Mehra
    -Suthoo plays at Classic but is not a member at DGC(Phone contact+91 9810096205 – I cant contact him as I am currently abroad!) -Vikram Chopra (he also went on to Mayo but we should get him to play for BCS) It may be a good idea to post a Notice abiout this fixture on the Notice Bsd outside the Gents Changing room of Delhi golf Club and Delhi Gymkhana, besides at Lado Sarai, Classic, DLF, Jaypee.
    Now if all these 5 play then along with me we wil take the total OC entries up to 14!
    Cheers – I have blocked my diary on 15Sept and await further news from you.
    Thanks for all the effort you are personally putting in Chetan- why not invite some Ocs from Simla and Chandigarh to join us thro the respective chapters including Wendy Dewan who plays a mean game! Also Jeev Milkha Singh!

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