Old Cottonians (U.K.) Annual Luncheon Saturday 25th June 2011

From the Chairman (OCA United Kingdom)

Good Day Cottonians!

The Annual Luncheon last Saturday 25th June 2011 in London was a roaring success!!
84 members of the International OCA Fraternity attended at Bombay Brasserie.
They came from the US, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Pakistan, the UK and India.
It was a gathering of our illustrious Seniors and our ambitious Juniors.

Great speeches and snippets on life, the OCA and the progress of our Bishop Cotton School were shared.

Greetings were received from Headmaster Roy Robinson, Col Wendy Dewan, the OC’s from Oz and many many more.

I would especially like to Thank my Committee members and
Mr. Gay Niblett
Mr .Peter Stringer
Mr. D.C.Anand
Mr . Anil Mehra
Dr Humayun Khan
Mr Anil Bhasin
Mr Kuljinder Bahia
Mr Peter Evans
Mr Peter Johans
and EVERYONE else who attended.
I would also like to thank those who did not make it!  They were there in spirit!!!  BCS means everything to us!!
I was humbled and especially paid tribute to the ”Cottonian Ladies”
They have always stood side -by -side, with patience, understanding and words of comfort as we continue our journey through life with sentiments, forever of BCS and the tree
crowned hills of Simla. We Thank You Ladies.

To charge our batteries for another year, The School Song was emotionally sung, so befitting to our Founder and Alma mater.
I may not be here next year as my company decides to shut down operations and move out of the UK; possibly with No Job!!

But until our next Great Reunion, again confirmed for Saturday 30th June 2012 at The Bombay Brasserie, I wish you well.

Lets hope numbers will further increase; as Kuljinder Bahia said….lets aim for 120 next year!!!

Three Cheers for BCS! Hip-Hip Hooray! Hip-Hip Hooray!! Hip-Hip Hooray!!!

My Kindest Regards,
Vivek Bhasin
Lefroy 1961-1970
Chairman : OCA (UK) Chapter