OCA UK Newsletter : Spring 2011


Old Cottonians Association (United Kingdom) Spring Letter 2011

Message from: Chairman Captain Vivek Bhasin ( Lefroy 1961-1970)
Greetings fellow Cottonians, our esteemed Seniors and our ambitious juniors residing in the United Kingdom or for that matter anywhere on this planet or in outer space.
It is soon coming to a year since I took over command of the good ship OCA (UK) from an incredible, passionate and philanthropic gentleman Alan Gay Niblett, who steered and guided this chapter for over a decade. Gay serves as Honorary Life President and continues in his very generous ways, helping and assisting our fraternity. His present object/project is to establish a firm foundation between Bishop Cotton School and Marlborough College. There are numerous possibilities in a joint-venture and studies towards various opportunities are being under taken.

At the same time rock steady pillar Peter Stringer also decided to step down and hand over the reigns to Gursant Sandhu, a young lawyer.  Peter again has ‘ not-been-given-permission-to leave’ and will always be part of the committee. It is he who still maintains contacts with the seniors and makes it a point to attend get togethers of fraternities of the Great Himalayan hill schools here in the UK [……]

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4 thoughts on “OCA UK Newsletter : Spring 2011

  1. Dennis J, Willey

    What a pleasant surprise as I was exploring the web-to find the UK newsletter! I attended B.C.S. from 1941 to 1943. Years later I was present at the c entenary commemoration service in London. That was my last contact with any Old Cottonians. Now at an advanced age I can only recall with great pride my short time at B.C.S. How splendid the school looks in the photo. I can see the window in Rivaz dormitory next to my bed! Best wishes to all Old Cottonians.

  2. Kanwaljit Singh ( Sarkari Saandh ) Curzon ' 79 '

    Dear Chairman OCA UK
    Captain Vivek Bhasin &
    Rest Of The Office Bearers Of
    OCA UK

    It is really great & we all here are very happy with all the good work being done by you, specially with the assistance of Mr Alan Gay Niblett & Mr Peter Stringer please dont let them cut off totally Coz Seniors & Pioneers will always be an asset to our brotherhood, although we are aware of your capabilities which need no mention.

    Capt. Bhasin you & your team are doing a wondeful job please keep it up & in case you have any new ideas where we all can also be some help just let us know & we can work on it … Anything for B C S . In case any member coming to India & has any problem or wants any kind of help please note my Address & Phone no’s in the end I promise all help possible. I pen off here Thanking you for keeping us updated & congratulating you for the good work you are doing … Keep It Up !
    Kanwaljit Singh ( Neetu )
    ‘Sarkari Saandh’
    Haveli , # 601 , Sector 36 B
    +91- 172- 2660007 / 5170007 ( Land Lines )
    +91-9988090007 / 9814073289 ( Mobiles )
    +91- 172 -5018680 ( Fax )
    Email : neetuonly@yahoo.co.uk

    1. Vivek Bhasin (Chairman OCA UK)

      Hello Kanwaljit

      Many Thanks for your good words young man.
      I will be in India 24th May 2011 and going to Simla; please do call me on 9899561235
      My Kindest Regards
      Capt. Vivek C.Bhasin
      Chairman (OCA UK)

  3. Ronald Das

    Hi Vivek,

    Good u’ve taken over the reigns of the prestigious OCA-UK, i’m sure you’ll carry on from where Mr. Niblett left off and much more. Well done !!

    My wife and i are visiting form the 25-28th June staying at the Thamesside, Slater road London. Hope to catchup with you there will be delighted to meet with others too. Is Sharad sailing or in Gurgoan?

    Bye for now

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