Bishop Cotton School Simla: Surpasses…. leaving the glorious past and leaps into the the exciting future!

2011 Academic Results

Cottonians from Class XI ( ISC)
Thirty One went up for the Exams.
School Captain Bhanu Pratap Singh topped his batch with a cool aggregate of 96%!!!! ( He maxed his Maths Paper ie: 100%!!)
Twenty Five (25) got percentage aggregate of  over 75%
Total Class aggregate of 81%

Cottonians from Class X  (ICSC)
Fifty Six went up for the Exams.
Thirty Nine (39) got an aggregate of 78%

Should we need to repeat…… ?!!!
BCS is the oldest English Boarding School set up in 1859 by ex. Master ( Head of Marlborough College.  Since its foundation the boys are given an education based on character, integrity, truthfulness and humility. They take part various curricular activities from Sports, to social service to scaling the highest Himalayan peaks. All this is done outside of Academic time.
They has never been nor ever will, be the need for extra academic tuition.
Its guts on the playing fields and the Boxing Ring, and pure hard work and determination in the Class Room.
That is what Bishop Cotton School is all about.
We stay steadfast in our lives, overcoming evil with good.

Congratulations and kudos to the Head Master, the Teachers and, These amazing Cottonians and especially Bhanu Pratap Singh. The World is your Oyster!

Congratulations Bishop Cotton School, Simla.
A place closest to my heart!

Capt. Vivek C.Bhasin
(OCA-United Kingdom Chapter)