Rajiv Sharma – BCS 1951-59 Curzon – obituary

Dear relatives and friends,

My beloved younger brother Sonny (Rajiv Sharma) died of C.O.P.D. Emphysema on the 2nd of April, 2011, in Germany where he worked, most eminently and successfully, as a broadcaster and programmes executive for Radio Deutschewelle. I shall miss him deeply. For details regarding Rajiv, please see the attached three items.

Partap [Sharma]

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10 thoughts on “Rajiv Sharma – BCS 1951-59 Curzon – obituary

  1. Arun Khanna

    We express our condolence. May his soul rest in peace. May god give the courage and peace to his family and dear ones to bear the irrepairable pain and loss they suffer in this time of sorrow.
    Arun Khanna

  2. Iftikhar Malik

    My sincere condolences.He appears to me as a brilliant product of BCS.May he rest in peace.Amen

  3. Helen Seeney

    Many thanks indeed for updating your website with the news of my husband’s death. Rajiv was a very proud Old Cottonian and spoke very often about his schooldays there. In fact I always used to call him “OC” – which he loved.
    He took me to visit the school back in the early 1990’s and we still have the pictures and lots of wonderful memories of our trip to Simla.
    Rajiv died far too young but the doctors were amazed by his will to live. And I’m in no doubt that his schooling contributed to his strength of character.
    With best wishes from Germany,
    Helen Seeney Sharma

    1. Vijay Khurana

      “Mouse” as Rajiv was affectionately called was part of the school choir. He was the lead tenor and I a prominent sprano. Many years my senior, I can still recall that lovely, crisp voice which had a “puckish” tone about it. I recall he was popular among his peer group and came across as a person who was balanced, sensible and intelligent.

      With the personality he had, broadcasting was the profession for him and he seemed to have taken to it like a duck to water !!

      May his sould rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to his wife and family.

  4. K.S.Dhanoa-MILO 1950-59


  5. Gurpratap Singh Sahi

    I didn’t know Rajiv,but the loss of one among our brotherhood should always hurt. Evidently,he rose to be an outstanding performer in the career he chose and will be missed by many,as a true Cottonian always would. While respecting his eminence,I extend my deep condolence to the members of his family.May the Almighty Lord rest his noble soul in peace eternal.

    Gurpratap Singh Sahi

    Ibbetson : 1953 – 56

  6. Deepak Thakur

    Dear Partap Sharma,
    My deepest condolences. May Rajiv find eternal peace and happiness and may you and his family be blessed with strength and courage to face the loss of a dear one.
    Deepak Thakur, Rivaz, 1964-73.

  7. Daljit (Lovely) Bawa Rivaz 71

    We will miss you and always will treasure the time we spent in Germany together.May Almighty God Bless your soul,

  8. Major Balwant Singh

    My condolences to the family of the deceased. May GOD rest his soul in peace.
    In Grief
    Major Balwant Singh (L 1951-52)

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