“Ingredients for a Real Close Shave” – writing by Vivek Bhasin

Another good piece of writing by Vivek Bhasin:

Ingredients for A Real close shave……

..yes the Moon that evening was at its brightest; its closest in nineteen years so they say to Madre Tierra. Saturday 19th March 2011/1920 hrs. We sea dogs would called it perigee…..What a sight as I shot up the stairs off Embankment and took the Millenium Bridge and then walking at my own pace towards South Bank,  simply stunned by the magnamity yet peacefulness of the Bright Satellite.  I was coerced into buying a ticket for a Piano concert by Lola Perrin at the Purcell Hall…..and though her genre was classical and mine Pure Rock like Rata Blanca*, nonetheless I wanted to give her a chance to take a bit-o-cheese of my flesh….

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