Greetings Old Cottonians World Wide:

Greetings Old Cottonians World Wide: As you know I especially make it a point to visit India in February and coincide this visit with the OCA (India) luncheon. The 13th of Feb 2011 was a special occasion due to the fact the OCA (India) was celebrating 100 years and we all eagerly await the launch of the BCS souvenir/coffee-table book compiled by many OCs with KC  Anand orchestrating the full and final version.

The grounds of the Anand Corporate Office were pristine as always and the decor for the OCA lunch was tastefully done.   The Quality and Print of the Menu was of the highest standards that could be matched with the Dorchester or the Waldorf Astoria.    The food was exceptional and sumptuous and although I try to look after my delicate figure, I indulged in two helpings.

However the overall ambience was of a rather sombre note and for some reason ( that I unfortunately cannot not point out), the mood was low. I also believe the turnout expected was well below the minimum. Many Regular Old Cottonians residing in Delhi did not bother to attend. A few of the younger OCs did show up but as I repeat the air of joyful celebration of the OCA and our Alma Mater was definitely lacking. Possibly it could have been a low information flow locally, though the webmaster did post the same on the website a few weeks in advance.

Col Wendy Dewan was out of Station. From the Board of Governors only Anil (Dimpy Mehra) and BM Singh were in attendance.  Raja Vir Bhadra Singh did grace his presence and so did General Batra. I do not believe any other Board of Governor attended nor did the Head Master.

To celebrate the centenary of the OCA (India), this special day was of great significance.  For me to come to India and be present for the OCA lunch has always been a special occasion for me every year for many years. I love my School and so do all my Brother Cottonians.

Capt. Vivek Bhasin
Lefroy 1961-1970
Chairman OCA  UK Chapter