1961 batch reunion

The Class of 1961 is planning a reunion this year. They are searching for their class mates. They are also trying to figure out possible names of people who may missed the photo shoot. Any assistance would be appreciated in preparing a data base of addresses, phone numbers etc including details of the families of those who have passed away. They would also like to get in touch with these families to share their memories.

Do please assist in any manner you can and that would be appreciated.

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4 thoughts on “1961 batch reunion

    1. Rakesh Sawhney

      Mr. S. Dasgupta,(Dasi as he was fondly called) was my artmaster too. I was in BCS from 1953 to 1961 and in Lefroy House. I got my highest marks in the Senior Cambridge exams in art thanks to Dasi.
      My best wishes to you Sir.
      Rakesh Sawhney.

      1. Vijay Khurana

        Dear Rakesh (Ricky)

        Guys from your class of 1961 are trying to locate you. Please revert with your coordinates. That would be appreciated.

        My thanks.

        Kind regards


        Vijay Khurana

        (Lefroy 1954-63)

  1. Brig Suresh Datt

    Sudhir Manchanda left school early, but would be 1961 batch. His Tel No is 9810131217 (Delhi).

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