Peter Rollo – Rivaz 1934-42

Old Cottonian Peter Rollo – Rivaz 1932-1942
Lived in Perth Australia.
Passed away on 10th January 2011.

It is with heavy heart that I convey the sad news of the passing away of a dear school friend of mine, Peter Rollo Rivaz House Captain in 1942. He died of a heart attack on the 10th January,  at about 7.00pm while his family was with him at home. I became firm friends of him and his wife Thelma when we met up again in Perth Australia. Peter joined the Western Australia Police Force and retired as a Police Superintendent  . Peter loved his old school. We would often get together to reminisce  on our school days. Condolences to Thelma and family from Dick and Joan D’Abreu. Curzon 1936 -1946.

 Please could print this tribute to my mate Peter.

Richard D’abreu
Curzon 1936-46

17th January 2011 update: [celebrating Peter Rollo’s life]

I attended Peter Rollo’s funeral. It was a long ceremony at Thelma’s church. Many of his police friends were there together with his Aussie friends and friends that knew him in India. All the Rollo clan were there and his sons and daughters gave an account of their great life with their father. Evelyn Petters spoke on behalf of herself and all the OC’s that knew Peter. After the service we went over to Thelma’s home where we had eats and drinks. Thelma told me she had read the comments on Peter’s passing on the OCA web site. She was happy to know many had great memories of her husband Peter.
Attaching a photo of Peter on the cover of his funeral ceremony….

Cheers – Dick.


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    It was with deep regret that I learnt of the passing of Peter Rollo for whom I had the highest regard.
    Being that bit younger than him I recall that when I first arrived at BCS in 1940, he was one of the GIANTS of the school who conducted himself impeccably both on and off the sports field and I well remember his fierce square cuts in the cricket house matches where, alas, I was often instructed to field in the hope that I would prevent the innevitable boundary!!
    After a break of 63 years I met up with Peter in Perth in 2005 at a gathering of Old Cottonians, arranged by Malcolm Petters, where I had no difficulty in recognising the distinctive figure of Peter who, with the other OCA’s made it a memorable occasion.
    I extend my sympathy to Thelma and family and will conclude by saying that he will always be thought of as a gentleman and sportsman.

    CLIVE HARDIE -LEFROY 1940-1945
    School and House Captain

  2. Lorraine Guy-English

    My parents lived behind the Rollo family when they lived on Coode Street Bedford many years ago. I was friends with his daughter Peta and we spent many days running through the gap in the fence to each others house. Mr Rollo was a happy kind person and always made me feel welcome. I would like to express my deep sadness and condolences to Mrs Rollo and the family.

    The Guy Family
    Kennedy road Morley

  3. Peter and Elisabeth Johans

    This past year, May 2010, it was our good fortune to meet Peter and his wife Thelma at their home in Perth, Western Australia. Although we had never met before, myself being of a later vintage (Ibbitson 1944-48), there was a spontaneous friendship. My impression was of a man who loved life and it was a pleasure to recall tales of those boyhood years in the Simla hills and hear of his many humorous experiences as a police officer in Western Australia. Peter was a forthright but gentle man and both he and Thelma have alsways kept their doors open to old Cottonians.
    Peter will be mourned by his wife and family of five children, tweny grandchildren and eight greatgrandchildren.
    Unfortunately, Peter never returned to BCS or India, but I know he will now return to those hills with Fir and Deodar trees and the school playing fields where he excelled in sport.
    Perth will be the poorer for his loss, no longer will the familiar sight of Peter’s light blue Holden – COP 007 – motor along the highways of Western Australia – a sad day indeed.
    Peter and Elisabeth Johans



    12/1/2011 1.03P.M.
    RIVAZ 1941 TO 1944

  5. Peter Maidment

    January 12, 2011 at 7:00 am

    As one of Peter Rollo’s nearest friends since our time together in BCS during 1941 to 1943, I was devastated to hear of his passing. He was House Captain of Rivaz and I was one of the prefects.I took over from him and continued our friendship when we both met in Perth years later. We had the fortune to meet again when he and Thelma paid Sydney a visit where I have been since 1975. We have corresponded over the years and as late as yesterday I received one of his famous music CDs he frequenly sent me.
    Our condolences have been sent to Thelma and the family. I will miss him very much.

    Peter Maidment

  6. Peter Evans

    I was in shock when I heard the news of Peter Rollo. I knew him very well as a great sportsman and a gentleman full of humor and good will. We will all miss him.

    Peter (lumboo) Evans


    I was shocked to learn of Peter’s death this morning coming so close to his and Thelma’s Christmas greetings. I remember him from our school days and was delighted to be able to renew the connection in Australia in 2007 when we visited Perth. There is added sadness as this follows so closely the deaths of Malcolm Petters and of Reg Button. Our condolences go to Thelma and all Peter’s family and to the OCs in Australia, particularly to our friends in Western Australia.

  8. Anil [Ibbetson 1960-70]

    Peter Rollo will be dearly missed. I’d been in contact with Peter for many years now, and we corresponded often. He always remembered my daughter’s birthday and would write in with a very cheery note!

    Peter seemed to be a bit of an adventurer. Several years ago, he and his wife Thelma drove across the width of Australia in a caravan, a month long trip stopping to see family and enjoy places along the way. I was pretty envious! Here was an “old guy” doing things I only dreamed of!

    Sincere best wishes to Thelma and condolences from me and my family.

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