OCA India – admin office?

Dear Fellow Cottonians,
All of you must be aware that our OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION  has already completed 100 years this year. No mean achievement.

Our OCA is even older than some famous public schools,who recently managed to hog media limelight.
We all had a very successful 150 year celebrations of our school founders. As the 150 years were celebrated with such spirit and gusto, lets now work out an agenda for the future of OCA.

We have such exceptionally bright old boys, who are well connected and doing extremely well in life who can contribute  their ideas, to make the OCA an self sufficient and independent body.
Its been a hundred years, and we still do not have our own regular office/place where we can meet and call our own.

We are indeed very grateful and indebted to Mr.D.C. Anand, who for all these years has been providing us his hospitality, generosity and facilities at his office complex  at 1 Aurobindo Marg.

Is it not time that our Association plans to have a regular office complex ? We saw how old boys displayed their love and generosity to donate such large sums for the school’s 150 year celebrations. I think its time again to show your love for the OCA and come out to give your thoughts  to make a better and bigger OCA. I  am sure with our old boys being so well connected we manage to get some land allotted in the Institutional Areas in the NCR region.
From there on, we can build brick by brick, so at least the next generation of OC’s can have a place to call their own – THE OCA HOUSE.

THESE THOUGHTS ARE OF MANY LIKE MINDED OC’s, but we would like many more of you to give your ideas and suggestions.

Vijay Singh (Kuttu)

3 thoughts on “OCA India – admin office?

  1. hardyal chauhan

    A good idea, the OCA house should be a replica of the main school building……hence the requirement of land as such.

  2. Vivek Bhasin

    Dear Kuttu Singh

    A splendid idea indeed……
    Very much possible…..
    We now need OCs with great financial influence and other wise to take this project onwards….

    Kindest Regards
    Vivek Bhasin
    (Lefroy 1961-1970)

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