Mr. Roshan Lal Vashisht passed-on

November 28th 2010.
With deep regret I inform you of the demise of our revered Hindi teacher Mr. Roshan Lal Vashisht. Cremation will be at Daulatpur near Palampur tomorrow 29th November 2010 at 12 noon. Further details can be had from Old Cottonian Karan Sarin on +919816047047.

Arun Sawhney

33 thoughts on “Mr. Roshan Lal Vashisht passed-on

  1. Rajan Chaudhary

    My deepest heartfelt condolenses on the demise of our loving hindi teacher Sh. Roshan Lal Vashisht. He was a noble
    soul. May his soul rest in peace. May the almighty give enough strength to his near and dear ones to bear this great loss.

    Rajan Chaudhary
    ( I 78-81)

  2. Dilip Tinani

    Thanks to all the OCs who got together to provide some comfort to Roshi in his last days.

    Good bye, sir. Rest in peace. And thank you for being who you were.

  3. ashwani singh virk

    My deepest condolences to Mr. Roshanlal’s fans & students. My sincere gratitude towards the humble cottonians like Karan Sarin, Arun Sawhney and Mr. Narinder Chauhan for extending their support to him in his final days.

  4. Gerald Godinho

    1981 was the first year I got to BCS. It was also the first batch of ISC students. I was so impressed with his humility, gentleness, down to earth nature surrounded our arrogance and hubris.

    He faced an uphill task of teaching a language that was forbidden to be spoken outside the class.

    His perseverance and humility against all odds is something that has helped me in my own career.

    Gerald Godinho
    Lefroy (81-83)

  5. Brig Suresh Datt

    Heart-felt condolences to Mr. Roshan Lal?s family.
    May his soul rest in peace.

    Suresh Datt
    C 54-56

  6. Editor Post author

    The 11th day ceremony will be held on 8th Dec 2010 at 11 AM. The prayer meeting will be held at the residence of Mr Vimal Aditya (son-in-law) at the Primary Health Centre, Takipur, Near Govt High School, 25 Kms from Dehra Gopipur on the National Highway to Kangra from Una. The ceremony of Uthala will be followed by a Bhogh lunch for those who would like to attend.

  7. P.N. Jain aka Bawa Jain 65-72 Ibbetson

    Our heartfelt condolences to Mr. Roshan Lal Vashist’s family. To all those who reached and gave of themselves in his last days specially, thank you so much. That is the OC spirit.
    We can never forget him and the all Teachers who were so instrumental in shaping our character.
    Mr. Roshal Lal, RIP – Rest In Peace!
    P.N. Jain aka Bawa Jain
    Ibbetson 65-72

  8. Editor Post author

    Karan Sarin reports from Palampur that Mr. Roshan Lal was given a funeral as per  proper Hindu rites. The immersion of ashes in the Ganga at Haridwar and the Rasam Kriya will be as per tradition. A taxi has been arranged to take his family to Haridwar for immersion of ashes. Appropriate arrangements are being made for the Kriya ceremony as well. The date of the Kirya and the Shanti-path will be communicated once the family decides of the same. Mr. Narinder Chauhan, President OCA (HP) has been overseeing this on behalf of OCs worldwide.


  9. Jai Joshi, MD

    I guess Mr. Roshan Lal first came to BCS when our batch (of 1963) was there, during the terrible times of Dusty as headmaster. Notice that most everyone who left a note here recognized our hindi teachers humility, and our seeming arrogance. I am so very glad and proud of the OCA for doing something right in his final days.

  10. Bhupal Singh Chauhan

    May Mr. R L sirs’ soul rest in peace.

    Kudos’ to Karan Sareen n’ all other OC’s who tried to make a difference during his last few years. I’m sure he’ll be missed by one n’ all, whome he taught our mother tongue during his days in BCS.

  11. Revd. Joy Halder (Chaplain)

    Sincere condolences to the family. Judging from the feel of the replies, I know he will be missed. May his soul rest in peace. I had the priviledge of meeting him only once, and could make out the gem inside him.
    Prayers will be said for him in the Holy Trinity Chapel.
    Revd. Joy Halder
    Bishop Cotton School, Shimla.

  12. Vikram Sodhi

    Was a teacher in the true sense, dedicated to teaching us Hindi against all odds, Thank you Sir for all your efforts….my heartfelt condolences to his family.

    Vikram Sodhi

    1. B.M.Singh

      We all remember him as a gentle caring teacher. Though he faced an uphill task teaching Hindi to students who -at that time – did not give the subject the importance it deserved he never slackened his efforts. One more of our esteemed teacher passes away and the privileged amongst us need to do more to provide assistance. Condolences to his family and those were close to him.

  13. N.K. Akers

    He was gentle and kindly.Committed to his teaching and his wards.I remember well his unassuming manner and yet firm guidance.
    Salutations to the OC’s who looked after him in his frail last years.
    May God give sir Roshan Lal’s soul peace and his bereaved family courage and wisdom.
    N.K. Akers
    Lefroy 62-65

  14. rajiv shankar

    An end of an era…his close association with my father his cheerful discussions regarding teaching hindi in public schools are still cherished.A truly noble soul,faced a lot of hardships towards the end of his days.was not keeping good health, and was having trouble recognizing people.May he rest in peace.

  15. Rajiv Oberoi

    Mr Vashisht lived a simple life rekindled with warmth and affection.

    The gentle soul will always find a place in my heart.

    Rajiv (Curzon 79-81)

  16. asheesh banta



  17. Uday Singh Jubbal.

    I am sad to hear that my Hindi teacher at BCS,,Mr.Roshan Lal Vashisht,has passed away……..

    It was heartenning to see that many old Cottonians contributed to make his last days more comfortable.

    I send my heartfelt condolences & deepest sympathies to the bereaved family members.May god grant the departed soul eternal peace.

  18. Anil Advani

    Heart-felt condolences to Mr. Roshan Lal’s family.

    A big thanks to all those OCs who assisted him during his illness and also helped re-build his shack into a livable home.

    Anil Advani
    Ibbetson 1960-70

  19. dinesh m sud

    Was glad that we could help and make his last days a little comfortable..Heartfelt condolonces to his family and well wishers..May God grant peace to the departed soul and strength to his family to bear this irrepairable loss.

  20. Vivek Bhasin

    Mr Roshan Lal,

    A quiet, unassuming gentleman. He completed his mission honestly and diligently. No fan fare, no ego, plain simple dedication; deep thinking. May his soul always hover over Bishop Cotton School…
    We salute all those OCs who discovered his whereabouts in his twilight year; made an effort to give him some rest and comfort…and now peace.

    Vivek C.Bhasin
    Lefroy 1961-1970
    Chairman (OCA UK)



  22. Joe Joshi PhD

    My condolences to Roshan Lal’s family. He tried so hard to make many of us Indian students learn our own national language: wish I had paid attention.
    Joe Joshi
    R 54-63

  23. vijay bhalaik

    He would would be dearly missed. He was a exceptional teacher and a gentleman. He guided me during my formative years in bishop cotton. Thank you sir !

    Vijay Bhalaik (Rivaz 76-86)

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