James [Jimmy] Gideon – passed away

Jimmy Gideon – BCS 1954-1964 Rivaz house, School Captain in 1964:  

Passed away on the 8th Oct 2010 at Hyderabad India.

We send our heartfelt condolences to his family.

The family is holding a memorial service for Jimmy on 16th Oct 2010 at 5 pm at:

The Sacred Heart Cathedral,
Gole Dakhana Post Office
New Delhi

Messages from Sarah Gideon [Jimmy’s daughter] as posted on FaceBook:

This is a message to all of Jimmy Gideon’s friends and relatives. On the 6th of this month , dad complained of a severe neck pain, and as time passed by he said he couldnt feel any kind of sensation in his legs, he said it felt as if they were “detached”. His condition had worsened by 3.30pm in the afternoon when he was losing his speech, and so by now he was just whispering. Within 20mins and before we could call the ambulance he had become unconcious.
Dad was admitted in the apollo hospital at 4.35 PM. A CT Scan explained to us by the doctors proved that it was a massive hemorrahage in the brain that occured in the respiratory area, therefore this made the situation a bad one because he had to be on the ventilator as he wasnt breathing on his own. A surgery wasnt recommended as he was in deep coma by then. The next day , ie; 7th, the doctors performed some clinical tests to check his sensorymotor responses, which he failed. But what gave us hope is that he had made the effort to breathe on his own for a whie.
Throughout the doctors couldnt give us any hope, they said the chances were even less than a percent. As a family we wanted to think and believe otherwise. Friends and family were supportive, the church stepped in for prayers.

On the 8th early morning at 5 am we were called to the hospital. Dad had passed away. At 4.45 am that morning, he had a cardiac arrest while he was in coma. He passed away peacefully.

We as a family ask you all to keep us in your prayers in this grieving time on the loss of our beloved.

13 thoughts on “James [Jimmy] Gideon – passed away

  1. Joe Joshi PhD

    Hi Sarah:
    I am sad to read about your Dad passing away. May he rest in peace.
    If I remember well, James’ Mom also was a doctor, and she would have told you that James had a massive stroke.
    Please accept my condolences.
    Joe Joshi
    R 1954 – 1963
    Senior Editor, Print & Broadcast News
    Sumter SC USA

  2. Ashok Sopory (C- 56)

    Sending Heart Felt Condolences for the bereaved family. Prayer for Jimmy’s soul to rest in eternal peace.
    Reading his obituaries one learns Jimmy Gideon was a Great Cottonian. A big loss to All.
    Ashok Sopory (C- 56)

  3. SM Singh

    It is very sad to learn that Jimmy Gideon has passed away.
    He was my class fellow and a tough but decent and fair school captain; approachable at all times. He was very strong and very active in sports; boxing, athletics, etc.
    I have not been in touch with him since school, but have pictures of him and remember him clearly.
    My condolences to his family and Peter.
    SM Singh
    Curzon 1957-64.

  4. Jagat Aulakh

    Shocking sums it up; he was only 2 years ahead of me. He was an inspirational leader and Rivaz reached the zenith of their achievements, both academic and sporting, under him. Rivaz had an amazing VIth form in ’64, full of high-flyers and strong personalities, but he was always the ‘Captain’. His memory is indelible.
    My heartfelt condolences to all those who were fortunate to know him but especially to Peter.
    Jagat Aulakh

  5. Subhash Chachra

    Sorry to hear that Jimmy Gideon is no more. My condolonces to his family and to Peter Gideon.

    Subhash Chachra

  6. M M Sachdev, R58-64

    Very sad and heartbroken to hear the news. Another friend gone. I had lost touch with himover the years and just renewed contact. May the Lord grant his soul peace.

    I have very fond memories of Jimmy which will remain with me for the rest of my life.

    My deepest condolences to Peter and the rest of his family

  7. Ranbir Brar, L 63-66

    Shocked to learn that Jimmy Gideon is no more. He was a great guy. Had interacted with him over the years. Last met him at Simla in Mar 1998, when I was posted there. Had a few rounds sitting on the balcony of Gaeitys’ overlooking the Mall. Infact, he got me smoking after a abstinance of 10 years. My condolences to Peter. His parents had both passed away ages ago. RIP friend.

  8. Peter Rollo

    I am afraid I cannot remmber Jimmy, but having read the various respones there is no doubt he was a great guy, following the tradition of all Rivaz House Captains ! To me Bishop Cotton School will always be a time in my life which was fantastic.

  9. uday singh jubbal

    Uday Singh Jubbal(I-1961-1966.)It is really quite a shock for me to suddenly hear that Jimmy Gideon had passed away…..I was friends with him on Facebook & we used to exchange notes on the good old days at BCS. He was two years senior to me & his brother, Peter Gideon, was a year junior. He aws my School Captain but I remember him more for his lovely voice as we were members of the “Glee Club”. We will all miss him & my heratfellt condolences go out to his family & to Peter. God give his soul eternal peace.

  10. Jai Joshi, MD

    Jimmy was my house captain, something I had always wanted and was sure I would be. And he was school and house captain the next year (an honor left to others in our final year – Rajiv Sawney, BM Singh and Govinder Singh. It was Govi Singh who was chosen). Yes, there was a rivalry between us, Jimmy and I, but it was a friendly sort, never with any malice. There is much I learned from him; one thing in particular, always brings a shy and warm smile to my face whenever I think of it. And, of course he won the Joshi-Gideon boxing round; there was never any doubt who would. ?Showed a lot of pluck,? FM Brown, referee and house master, said to me as he announced Jimmy the winner. But then, it was Jimmy who had the muscles. I heard he was a good school captain the next year. The many years before, you were a good friend, Jimmy and in 1963, you were a good house captain. I am glad I knew you. Take care, my friend
    Jai Joshi, MD
    Rivaz 1954 – 1963

  11. Ravi Inder Singh

    Very sorry to know that Jimmy Gideon is no more. My condolonces to his family and to Peter Gideon.

    May his soul rest in peace.

    Ravi Inder Singh
    Ibbetson, 56-65

    1. N.K.Akers

      Sincere condolences to James’s family.
      I remember him well though he was a class senior.
      Was decent and helpfull to juniors.
      Had tremendous school spirit.
      May God bless his soul
      N.K. Akers
      Lefroy 62-65

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