Proposed Plan for Centennial Celebrations of OCA (India)

Proposed  Plan for the Centennial Celebration of the OCA ( India)

22nd October 2010

  • Golf Tournament to be played between the Old Sanawarians and Old Cottonians at the Chandigarh Golf Club.
  • Prize Distribution for the Golf Tournament followed by dinner at the Chandigarh Golf Association, Golf Range / Chandigarh Golf Club.

23rd October, 2010

  • Centennial Drive from Chandigarh to Barog.
  • Overnight stay at Barog at Brig. H.S Nagra Camp / Hotel.
  • Barbecue Dinner in the evening.

24th October 2010

  • Centennial Drive reaches BCS Shimla.
  • Blood Donation Camp at approximately 11:30 a.m.
  • Lunch for OC’s being hosted by school.
  • Basket ball / Football match between OC’s and the school team.
  • Dinner for OC’s being hosted by Himachal Chapter. 


Col. R. Dewan
Hony Secretary
OCA (India)


October 2nd update: Read the detailed plans here