Bishop Cotton School Shimla is ranked 4th Best in India

Congratulations BCS!
Bishop Cotton School, Shimla India was ranked 4th in India’s Most Respected Boarding School for 2010.
Here is the letter to the Head Master Mr. Roy Robinson:

Dear Sir

Congratulations! I’m pleased to inform you that your school ranking has moved up from 10 last year to 4 this year among Boarding/Residential schools in the annual EducationWorld-C fore India’s Most Respected Schools Survey 2010.

Commissioned by EducationWorld (estb. 1999) — India’s  pioneer education news and analysis (monthly) magazine with over 1,000,000 readers countrywide — the survey has been conducted by the Delhi-based C fore Consulting — one of India’s top market research and opinion polling companies with a client list including Reliance, Tata, NDTV and Outlook.

The EducationWorld-C fore survey India’s Most Respected Schools is based on the responses/opinions of a carefully selected sample of 2026 SECA (Socio-Economic Category A) parents, teachers, principals and eminent educationists across 15 cities countrywide (Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bhopal, Dehradun, Kolkata,  Jamshedpur, Darjeeling, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Chennai, Bangalore,  Hyderabad).

The country’s top 250 schools (selected by EducationWorld) have been rated on 12 parameters—Academic reputation, Co-curricular education, Sports  Education, Quality of teachers, Teacher-pupil ratio, Value for money,  Leadership / management quality, Parental involvement, i.e. PTA,  Infrastructure provision, Quality of alumni, Integrity / honesty, Selectivity  (in admissions).

The results of the 2010 EducationWorld-C fore survey of India’s Most Respected Schools will feature as the Cover Story in the September issue of  EducationWorld. Your school has fared particularly well on several parameters including quality of teachers, quality of leadership, management etc. 

Warm regards

Marketing Manager

EducationWorld – The Human Development Magazine
703-704, 7th Floor, Devatha Plaza
132 Residency Road
Tel: 91-80-2248 0880/ 3052 2227


9 thoughts on “Bishop Cotton School Shimla is ranked 4th Best in India

  1. Vikram Singh Sodhi C-1962-71

    Well done BCS !!!… and Congratulations to all who have contributed to achieveing this distinction… let the school march forward on the path of self improvement. The distance from 4th to 1st is not far.
    We OC’s have always felt that BCS was ‘Numero Uno’.

    Vikram Sodhi
    Curzon 62-71

  2. Vineet Ghildyal

    I thought so too Col Chauhan … that BCS is NO1. But perhaps that’s a (slightly) biased opinion! Anyways, great to see the result… keep it up.

    Vineet Ghildyal
    L: 1973-1981

  3. Manbir Singh Pandher - Poppy

    BCS Ranks 1st in our heart!! I am proud of BCS…Keep it up..mates!
    Manbir Singh Pandher – Poppy
    Rivaz 1981 / 88 – 91/92 Batch

  4. Col Hardyal Chauhan

    I think the survey was not correct. It should have been No 1.Any way ,may be they realise next year. Congratulations BCS. May I request the Headmaster to give some credit to the batch which passed out this year (2010). Please dont be harsh on them,they produced very good results and at least they deserve to be honoured with their full school blazer/spartans, which was denied to them as a punishment for ???????
    Warm wishes
    Col Hardy Chauhan

  5. rajsandhu11

    Congratulations to the Head and Staff- very well deserved – let this spur us to be the First.Ocs have no doubt that we are the best in the country.
    Rajwant Sandhu
    L(55 – 57)

  6. Capt. Vivek Bhasin (Chairman OCA UK)

    Congratulations!!! Congratulations!!!
    Having been Chief Guest at the Inter-House Boxing Finals last Friday 13th August 2010 at BCS, I took my stand in the Ring and in a clear crisp tenor tone said these words….’ Regardless of what the world may say, I SAY BISHOP COTTON SCHOOL IS THE NUMBER ONE SCHOOL IN INDIA” The Youngsters leapt in the air…!!!!!! The Brass Band took up a healthy lead and the Ghost and Soul of Bishop Cotton smiled down upon us…
    My Warmest Regards,
    Vivek Bhasin
    Lefroy 1961-1970
    Chairman OCA (United Kingdom)

  7. Partap Grewal, Curzon 1953-63

    Congratulations to all involved in the great achievements, and vast improvements, made by BCS!

  8. ashwani singh virk

    Its actually high time … we deserve it … with such star studded fraternity any school would be highly ranked. Keep up the spirit Cottonians!!

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