OCs get-together down under

30th April 2010 Perth:

Further to Peter Rollo’s letter regarding Peter Johans’ visit to Perth from Switzaland on Friday 30th April. I email the photo of the happy group. It was good to catch up with Peter Johans and his wife on their visit to Perth. He was in BCS only a few years after we left, but when recalling his memories of the old school nothing seemed different to when we were there in the 1940’ies. All of us in Perth W.A. wish him and his wife well. 

Dick D’Abreu 

Here is peter Rollo’s email referred to by Dick:

Dear Anil.   Just made contact with an OC, who you may not have on your list of OCs.  His name is Peter JOHANS.  He entered the Prep school in 1944 and the main school in 1947. He left BCS in 1948.  He is married and lives in Switzerland.  He is coming over to Perth West Australia later this month for a visit, will find out more about him. He was there after my time.  Hope you and the family are all keeping well.   Regards   Peter.

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  1. Michael Pratt

    Great to see all the happy faces, but none were known to me. I was in the prep school from 1943-45 and in the Main school in 1946. My parents returned to the UK after the war and where I and my brother completed our schooling.
    Now reside in Melbourne and have 2 friends nearby one of whom Reg Lee was a compatriot of mine at BCS, the other Peter Aynsley was younger than I and was in the prep school at this time. My brother Nigel and cousin Chris Smith were in the prep school at this time also, I used to walk up to the prep school several times in the year to be with my Brother and Cousin. Reg Lee also lives in Melbourne and we mainly keep in touch by phone. Chris Smith lives in Sydney and we frequently see him whenever we visit Sydney.
    Johindra Chahal (Wife Dorothy) was in the same batch as my brother and who I also befriended when they both visited Australia in 2005 and stayed with us for a week.

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