BM Singh co-opted to BCS Board of Governors

We congratulate BM SINGH on being co-opted to the Board of Governors of Bishop Cotton School Shimla.


3 thoughts on “BM Singh co-opted to BCS Board of Governors

  1. K.S.Dhanoa

    Congrats to BM Singh.At this time BCS needs a well rounded & who will bring his worldly talent to the school board.Good luck BCS/BM SINGH.Lets put BCS on the world map. GO BCS GO BCS.K.S.DHANOA.LEFROY(1950-1959)

  2. Gurpratap Singh Sahi

    My hearty congratulations to friend BM Singh on being co-opted to the School Board of Governors. In fact, our appreciation should be conveyed to the OCA President, Mr.Anand, and to the other OCs on the BOG for this development. BM, with his vast experience in the Indian Revenue Service should be of immense value to the School.
    My best wishes all round.

    Gurpratap Singh Sahi
    Ibbetson ( 1953 – 1956 )

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