Dear Editor,

I have been induced by recent correspondence with some of my  contemporary OCs to write a few words that can be shared with those who remember me during my years at BCS. It was a priviledge to have spent time at the School in those halcyon days during the early ’40s. I have had the good fortune to keep in touch with Peter Rollo and Jim Lee over several years and just recently have been reaquainted with Arthur Allan Bapty.

The contact with the school through articles in the Old Cottonian Magazine on the Internet is now an important part of my life and I sincerely hope this will continue in the future.

My sincere thanks to all those involved with keeping this essential vehicle alive.

Yours very sincerely,

Peter  Maidment.
At BCS 1941-1943

One thought on “An OLD OC!

  1. Peter Rollo

    I fully suppot the letter submitted by Peter Maidment. He took over from me as the Rivaz Captain in 1942. I had seven very happy years in BCS.Loved every moment, especially playing sport. I recently met up with OCs George West , Dick D”Abrue and Peter Johans, who is visiting Perth,Western Australia at the present time. Although it is 66 years since I left school, when I was shown a Video of the school celebrations and a visit in the year 2000 by some Aussie OCs, my memory was brought back to those great days and some of the old haunts. May the school continue educating all our modern boys in India and other parts of the world. I know that my seven years there certainly gave me the grounding that I needed to take me through life. In passing I might add that when I was at school my mother Mrs Rollo was a language teacher in the school. Good luck to all the teachers and students at a great school.

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