Message from OCA India – 4th Dec 2009

Gentlemen apologies for the delay in response from our end. I was travelling and Mr Anand was out of station.

Most importantly I would like to bring to your notice that the various Old Cottonian chapters have been able to collect just under 3 lakh rupees (some money is still being tracked as in they have not reached the accounts yet but we know they have been donated – OCs are again requested to send their contributions to the Himachal chapter / OC account as this will ensure full accounting and proper disbursal). The final number, in terms of OC donations will be announced at the AGM which is currently slotted for February. The HP chapter has taken the onus of ensuring appropriate disbursal of the funds collected for Mr.Vasisth

A question has been raised as to why the AGM has not been conducted in November. The OC Association Memorandum states that the AGM should be conducted every year in February. We have followed that norm over the last 5 years.

 Your elected members apologise again for the delay in replying to your emails. We are also grateful for your support in terms of contributions from all of you. To quantify those contributions by you, the OCA has been able to raise the money available, at the end of each year, to the Association (put simply – money raised less disbursals). To give you an indicator it was 23 lakh (post disbursals) in 2004-05. Each year after that saw an increase and we were able to get 41 lakh (post disbursals) in 2007-08, that is 70% higher than 2004-05. This money has been invested.

2008-09 is under audit and this year’s year-end number is expected to be the highest ever as the Sesquicentennial saw record donations from OCs across the world! Thank you once again for those donations and your support.

Lastly, we hope you enjoyed the sesquicentennial celebrations.


Col R Dewan (Rivaz 1947 – 54, Staff 1990 – 2003)