Grand evening hosted at Peterhoff Shimla by OCA HP Chapter.
3rd October 2009.

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6 thoughts on “BCS SESQUICENTENNIAL CELEBRATIONS 2009 – Simla 3rd Oct evening

  1. BAPTY, Arthur "Allan"

    For two years I had looked forward to the 150th Celebrations. The thought that there would be so many whom I had not seen for such a long time filled me with contented anticipation, I would be seeing old contemporaries and younger OC’s who had become good friends because we had met frequently at BCS reuionion. Yes, it would be a rich time indeed.
    However, a couple of illnesses made me realise I would not be able to come. But since reading so many accounts of the events which took place, the names cropping up, bringing rich memories, these have been a comforting and pleasing pastime.I am deeply grateful to the many who have put fingers to keyboard (the modern version of “pen to paper!) and I thank you all.
    Allan Bapty, Rivaz, 1936-38, ’40-44


    Congratulations to OCA HP Chapter for a wonderful evening at Peterhoff.
    enjoyed meeting old friends after leaving school in 1954.
    Brijesh Narain

  3. Gurpratap Singh Sahi

    I regret having had to miss the entire celebrations on account of a serious illness. All the accounts,both photographic as well as oral, make one realise the extent of the loss.At the same time, one is amazed by the quantum of effort put in by the role players and the wonderful effect that their combined effort helped to generate.The entire chain of events will together be remembered with fondness and nostalgia by all the lucky ones who had the privilege to participate,and by lasting regret by those like me who could not make it. My congratulations once again to all the organisers of our memorable sesquicentennial. Well done Old Boys !

    Gurpratap Singh Sahi

    Ibbetson : 1953 – 56

  4. Dick D'Abreu

    The photos were amazing to see. Such well dressed ladies and gentlemen all at the school for the purpose of celebrating 150 years of a truly great school. Do the caps worn by some have any special meaning?

    I had just 10 short years at BCS from 1936 to 46. It only seems like yesterday recalling the things we did as boarders there. Please keep posting articles in the OC’s magazine online. Older Cottonians like myself aged now 82 appreciate the reading.

    Best wishes, Dick D’Abreu. Curzon House.

  5. Kartik Sharma


    I am not really happy with the pics cos not a single pic of mine neither my batch mates is posted on the wall. Looks like a H.P chapter was only about seniors!

    Curzonian (89-2001)

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