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The Old Cottonians played a football match against the Cottonians. This photo is right after the match. Photo contributed by JATIN CHADHA. After the football match, the OC’s with the PTI Mr Gurdev Singh. Photo contributed by JATIN CHADHA BCS all lit-up and the boys enjoying the celebrations. Photo contributed by: DAYAL CHAND CHAUHAN. 2nd Oct - HMs Dinner 1st Flat. Photo by Rohit Malhotra. 4Oc and the lit-up BCS buildings. Photo by Rohit Malhotra. local_newspapercutting_pics _76_batch Vivek Bhasin [MC] rocking to "Groove Adda" at BCS sesquicentennial-indi-2 
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12 thoughts on “BCS Sesquicentennial – News Articles, Photos and Messages

  1. Iftikhar Malik

    I think this is showing the way for the School planners.It is an article with many good points and must be taken up seriously and immediately..

  2. Vivek Srivastava


    The recent post by Vijay Stokes has laid out a very important agenda. In BCS the discourse is generally on the (glory days of the) past. Vijay has correctly focused attention on the future and on the quality of education which, after all, is what a school is about.

    This requires serious thought.


  3. dmsud

    Having got over the hangover..maybe its time for us all to think about improvements required in the school..Personally I think there are a lot of issues need immediate attention and now is the time to move over from dinners and celebrations into more serious business.

  4. Iftikhar Malik

    I returned to the School after 62 years and was greatly delighted to observe and feel the wonderful ‘Cottonian ‘ spirit.The very strong assosciation of the OC’s left me wondering how this has been established and surely live on as time goes by.It comes through observing the motto’Overcome evil with good’in studies,friendship,sports and whatever else boys go through.
    Merit has a strong part in this building block ,in selection of Prefects,Captains and many other positions and of course the reward system be it the Lister prize or the Rivaz medal.Tribute must go to the Governors for upholding high,nay very high standards.Teachers and Advisers are ensuring in class and elsewhere that good manners,honesty,hard work are imbibed in every day at School which follows in later years.Yes.OC’S whom I met were outstanding and I pray that the School lives on with its great task.My home in Lahore is open to Cottonians and it will be my wifes and my great pleasure to meet them and help them in any way.I will God willing continue to be in touch,Iftikhar Malik,1944 to 1947,Cotton House,Prep school.

  5. Arun Sawhney

    The Sesquicentennial celebrations have bonded the OC Community like never before. Now I can count OCs from the 1950s to the 2000 era among my friends; I am from the 1980s. I met classmates, seniors, juniors; many of them after 30 years but the feeling was the same like we came back after the winter vacation. While all the dinners/lunches were absolutely fabulous the dinner on the 1st flat hosted by the HM was the best in terms of setting, great Lucknowi cuisine and of course also due to the fact that it was the ‘first encounter’ after years with friends and teachers alike.
    As for having events more often I call upon the OC community to be attending the OC week held in June every year more regularly. The idea of having it on a grander scale every 5 years would be a very welcome one.

    Arun Sawhney
    Ibbetson, 1976-1986

  6. Rohit Malhotra

    Mindblowing celebrations on this momentous ocassion! Nostalgia on meeting up with batchmates & re kindling memories. Congratulations to all those who made it possible,it was organized perfectly.
    Still trying to get over it. Vijay is right when he says that the OCA should re-energize & continue this spirit in times to come.
    Rohit Malhotra
    Curzon 71-76

  7. Ravi Inder Singh

    Dear Cottonians,
    What a grand celebration! I am sure you all must have savoured every moment of it. It was much much more than just a trip down memory lane. The chapel service was very memorable. It was a great experience to sing the beautiful Founder’s hymn “We thank thee lord for this fair earth, the glittering sky the silver sea………….” The lyrics and the tune came back instantly. I am sure we all will remember these happy moments forever!
    Good luck to you all.

    Ravi Inder Singh
    Ibbetson, 1956-65

  8. preeti singh

    Being Amongst The Cottonians
    The other day I was casually invited by an enterprising Cottonian to the much-awaited Sesqui-centennial celebrations of Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. Before he could reconsider, I excitedly grabbed the opportunity and geared myself to be part of these renowned alumni.
    And there I was, in complete jubilation, taking in the Cottonian spirit as the evening unfolded. It was humid at the Lake Club Chandigarh, on the eve of 1st Oct 2009, but the refreshing spirits of the Cottonians gave way to a pleasant, starry musical night. Some came across oceans, old and bent with walking sticks, while others poured in, majestically, like the eagle, to sweep away the nostalgic memories of the dorms, the chapel, the edibles on the sly and so much more.
    Though I was just a guest, each Cottonian I met made me feel so much at home. As the old boys poured in from far way destinations, I could feel the urge within each of them to return home to their foundation years! Hugging each other, pats on the backs, not to miss some smirking as well, brought back the all-knowing smiles on their faces. Each seemed to know each other’s well kept secrets, pet peeves and catchy names which emerged, gradually, as each drink went down !!
    My chivalrous Cottonian friend handed me a drink, rather apologetically, before he vanished amongst his buddies who were dying to unfold their yesteryears!! Watching them being naughty lads, ignoring their grey hairs, potbellies and their better halves, I was truly amazed to see how time seemed to stop for the Cottonians.
    After exchanging their well guarded, yet mischievous pleasantries, the old school boys of BCS, united under the stars and gracefully sang their school song. For all those supportive wives and many un-Cottonians like me, a screen displayed the lyrics of the song, ensuring the chorus better include the ladies’ melodious voices as well!!! We chorused together “we sing of days now past and gone, we sing of days to be’, and am sure the late founders, Lords Lefroy, Curzon, Ibbetson and Rivaz must have stirred in their deep, mortal slumber, yearning to join us!!
    As I grasped each view of the evening, the most touching were the undaunted spirits of the oldies on the floor. Swaying energetically to the mesmerizing music of the Rodrigues Band, the elderly couples were lost in the foot tapping music, oblivious to the world. Inspired by the tireless spirits of their seniors, the youngsters attacked the floor, spilling their drinks while shaking a leg. The temptation was too good to refuse so there I was on the floor too, dancing into the wee hours of a memorable night.
    As time ticked and I quietly slipped away from the celebrations, not wanting to disturb my frenzied chaperone, I could feel the Cottonian spirit seeping in my heart as I hummed the school song on my way home.
    They say once a Cottonian always a Cottonian… I say once you attend a Cottonian gathering, their vibrant spirit makes you one of them, forever!! Ask me!!
    By Preeti Singh
    Preeti Singh is a freelance writer based in Panchkula. She can be reached at http://www.writingnaturally.com

  9. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf of Peter Rollo:
    Hi there…I would like to mention that as one of the much older OCs still alive, that I have been following all the events during the celebrations. What a wonderful job and congratulations must go to all those who helped to make this great event such a success. Unfortunately when you get old and the body just cannot take it, one can sit back and remember all those wonderful memories of when I was at School. 1936 to 1942. Rivaz/ House Captain 1941-42. Keep up the good work. My greetings to any who are still around and are of my vintage and read this comment. Goodbye.
    Peter Rollo. Western Australia.

  10. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf of Gurpratap Singh:

    Congratulations all round and best wishes.

    Gurpratap Singh…. Ibbetson(1953-1956)

  11. Shelly Bhumitra

    Incredible gathering!!!! We should find a reason to do this sort of a gathering more often like perhaps every five years, not necessarily on this scale but a event that gets us together. Lets not wait another 150 years!! LOL. It was indeed a great pleasure to visit with so many of my mates after such a long time. Hope we can stay in touch. Wishing all the very best life has to offer.
    Robbie Sir, you and your crew pulled off a incredible event flawlessly. Once again thanks for your warm welcome and hospitality.Would love to see you and your better half on this continent someday. Wishing all the OC’s and present Cottonians a very Happy Diwali. God Bless BCS. Shelly Bhumitra. L-1969-70. Shelly_fandango@hotmail.com
    Thanks to the Himachal Chapter for one of the greatest evenings Simla has witnessed in recent memory. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

  12. k.vijay singh (kuttu)

    To all Old Cottonians.
    WOW-thats the only word in my limited vocabulary to describe the 150 yr celebrations at simla.they were just out of this world.
    it was indeed great to see so many oc,s at one time.
    starting from chandigarh,the gala dinner and dance organised by the northern chapter of oca,was really astounding.
    on to school,where over a thousand oc.had gathered on the first flat,rubbing shoulder to shoulder.i am sure the school building could not have witnessed such a mamoth gathering in its history of 150 years.the food was mouth watering.thanks to the headmaster.
    next followed the dinner,s at peterhoff ,kind courtesy himachal chapter and than on to eastbourne the following night by the delhi chapter.there are no words to explain the fun we all had,with delicious food and good booz.
    one point i would like to make here is that i hope this spirit and bonhomie continues down the years and is not just a flash in the fan.
    this is an opportunity for the oca to use this mamoth gathering to revive and energise the oca to its full potential and use the energy for the betterment of oc,s and the school.
    three cheers to al the oc,s who made this happen.
    k.vijay singh.(kuttu) L-1966

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