Curzon House Centenary Celebrations Invitation

Facta Non Verba


To Old Curzonians

We are delighted to inform you that Curzon House of Bishop Cotton School is celebrating its 100th Anniversary on 5th of October 2009. 

Curzon House was formed in 1909 to honour Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India who had helped the school to get back on its feet after the Great Fire.  One hundred years later we can look back at the glorious history of the past and the illustrious boys who brought laurels to the House and went further on to make a mark in the world.

So dear Curzonian, it is time to celebrate one hundred years of striving, one hundred years of achieving and one hundred years of glory. 

We are planning to celebrate the Jubilee on the 5th of October at School.  A wonderful programme has been chalked out and preparations are in full swing to make the occasion a memorable one.

The support that has been received from the old boys of Curzonians is overwhelming.  It is our pleasure to invite you as an old boy of Curzon House to grace this special occasion to participate in the celebrations. It would be a time to look back with pride and nostalgia and to plan for greater glory for the boys, for the house and for the School in the years to come.

We hope to see you on the 5th of October, 2009, to celebrate 100 glorious years of our beloved Curzon House.

Praveen Dharma – Housemaster Curzon  and  Arnav Chauhan –  House Captain

Monday 5th October 2009

Curzon House

Centenary Celebrations





9:30 am

Reception &


1st Flat

(Near War Memorial)

Mrs. J. Chauhan & Mrs. Rose Lal

Dhruv Sharma, Iqbal Gill & Yash Jaiswal

11:30 a.m 12:30  p.m

Tree Planting by the Curzon House Boys

School Campus

Mr. R. Kaul, Mr. Aseem Kukreti,

Mr. A. K.Chaurasia, Arnav Chauhan, Yuvraj Birdi, Siddharth Panday, Dhruv Sharma, Zorawar S. Paintal

5:00 pm

Variety Show

Activity Centre

Mr. A. Gupta & Mrs. M. Gupta

Siddharth Panday, Yuvraj Birdi, Dhruv Sharma



Release of Curzon House Book






8:30 pm

Buffet Dinner

Main School Dining Hall

Mr. Aseem Kukreti & Mr. A. K.Chaurasia

Zorawar S. Paintal, Darinder Singh, Nipun Bansal & Manveer Parmar









9.30 pm

Rock Show

Activity Centre

Arnav Chauhan, Rodingpuia Ralte, Nooraj Batajoo









11.00 pm





We Curzon boys in brotherhood,
In Cotton’s glorious school.
We trust in God’s unfailing love,
That shields us from above.

To stand upright in life’s long flight,
Our motto steers us right.
We trust in deeds, no words in vain,
And pride and honour gain.

We come from North, East West or South,
Fair, dark or fat or thin.
Curzon is a sporting house,
No matter lose or win.

Of courage and integrity,
We show our lives to be.
The flag we hold aloft is red,
Its brightness ne’er will fade.